How do you spell fraud? SILKIES

Have you ever received a card in the mail…with an offer for a free sample of a product? A brand or something that you don’t normally buy…so you think, “Hey…I’ll give it a try.”

That’s what I said when I received an offer for some free pantyhose…Silkies. I filled out the card and within a few weeks…I received my free sample. Actually I kind of liked the hose…and would probably have purchased them at the store. That is until I found out this company engages in fraudulent and deceptive business practices.

You see not only did I get my free sample…but shortly thereafter I receive another mailing of their product. I didn’t realize that this time it was not free sample…but instead…the beginnings of their fraudulent business practice.

First they send the “free sample”. Next they send more product…then a few weeks later you get the bill…for product you didn’t order or authorize.

Now that’s bad enough…but then I went to their website. I wanted to make sure there was no further misunderstanding…that they knew I didn’t order their product, nor want it. However…you can’t cancel your account or delete any orders on their website.

Now these folks are downright shifty. On their invoice there is no place to cancel an order or note that you don’t want their product.

So what’s a girl to do when taken in by fraud? Well first…a complaint and direction to Silkies customer service to cancel the account and to make sure they know I don’t appreciate their fraudulent business practice.

Second…a trip over to the FTC website to file a complaint.

Lastly…an article to forewarn others who might fall prey to fraud…in particular by SILKIES but also by others seeking to gain by dishonesty.
I come away from this experience leery and jaded. Silkies thinks they are quite clever by conducting business in this manner. However…it will on serve to backfire on them. Not only will I never purchase their product again…I will make sure I warn others about their company.

Next time…any “free offer” cards come my way…they will go in the trash. So other legitimate businesses seeking to get their product noticed…will fail with this girl. Taken in by fraud this time…but coming away a little wiser.

Be forewarned…throw those “free offers” in the trash.

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