Don’t Even Want to Go Down That Road

Two of my worst fears as I wait to find out about my job situation and step into a different role for the time being is being bored and overhearing the latest office gossip.

One of the advantages that I’ve had in my job over the years…is that I was in a separate area and I was the sole person that did the work. I didn’t have to get involved in office politics or worse yet hear the latest in the gossip/rumor mill. I just hate that!

And now…it’s already starting…and I don’t even want to go down that road. I don’t want to take one step across that line. It will benefit no one and will likely cause hurt and division.

So…I want to remember some things that have served me well in the past. One…praying for people with whom I work. In the past I’ve found…if there is someone I don’t like or that is difficult to work with…when I’m praying for them…God is able to help change the situation. Whether that’s changing me and my heart towards that person…or changing them…I don’t know. But I do know it works.

Secondly…the only thing I ever want to be overheard me saying about a co-worker…is good things. I don’t want to talk bad about them…especially to another co-worker. If I don’t have the guts to go directly to them and share my concerns…then it’s not worth bringing up. Do I always do that? No…but that has been my aim over the years and when I abide by that rule…it has served me well.

Lastly…it’s all about the work and the people. I love to work hard and do an excellent job. Focus and kick butt…and get the work done. Being bored…is one of my top nightmares. And the gossip politics thing…that severely undercuts your ability to do your work effectively and get along with people. Besides that…it’s just plain boring.

Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and small people talk about people.

So more than ever…I’m praying I get this new job. Even so…come quickly! More than ever…I need to make sure I’m praying for my co-workers.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Even Want to Go Down That Road

  1. Hi Susan….Debi here from Just As I Am….thanks for visiting my blog…I’ve started reading your recent posts and reading them strengthens my own faith….I look forward to getting to know you better!

  2. “Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and small people talk about people.”Excellent words. And it’s very wise of you to pray for your co-workers rather than talking about them. Keep your eyes and heart focused on Christ and the rest sort of follows along. I’m blessed by your example, Susan!

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