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This last year, it was my privilege to do an in-depth Bible study through Community Bible Study in the book of Revelation.  While I’ve read and studied Revelation before I came away from this study with a greater understanding of this book and confidence that the prophecies are true and will come to pass.  It certainly gave me a greater passion and desire to pray for the salvation for unsaved family and friends.  Especially in light of what they will face if they live during the tribulation period and an eternity in hell for those who reject Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior.

The teaching director for our class is Patty Biven’s.  God has greatly gifted this woman to teach His word.  She is so faithful to study each week and dig into the truth of God’s word and share it with women who are hungry to know God and His word. 

To my great delight, Patty Biven’s has started her own blog.  She is open and transparent and shares what she is learning through the trials she and her husband are currently facing.  Her faith is a testimony to God faithfulness and His work in a servant fully committed to Him.

Are you going through trying times?  Have you been impacted by the economy and job loss?  Are you loosing heart?  Is your faith waning?  If so…click on over to Patty Biven’s blog and read what God is doing and what He is teaching Patty during this season in her life.

If you are looking for an in-depth Bible study, please consider Community Bible Study.  If you live in Orange County, you may want to sign-up for the Orange Evening Women’s class.  Starting this fall we will be studying the gospel of John.

5 thoughts on “Patty Biven’s Blog

  1. Susan, I was so happy to find your blog! As a fellow CBS member, I wholeheartedly agree-Patty is an incredible teacher and speaker. My life has been greatly influenced in so many positive ways by her as I have been in CBS with her for over 20 years. I have my own blog too :-). I hope you will take a look at it when you have a moment: How did you get the movement of pictures on the right side of your blog? I'll be looking for more of your writing.

  2. Hi Debbie,Thank you for stopping by. I am so thankful for how the Lord brings teachers into our lives who are faithful to study and teach us His word. I am very grateful to have come to this CBS class now. It was God's perfect timing. I have stopped by your blog a number of times. I especially liked your post "Do It Anyway".I was able to put in the moving pictures, in this instance other people's blog buttons, with a code that is inserted into the side bar of the blog. If you would like me to send you the code, please let me know. You can then insert pictures or blog buttons that you like. On a side note, you may want to create a blog button for your blog and Patty's too. You just post the button and code on the side bar for people to insert on their blog to help spread the word.Blessings in Christ…Susan

  3. Susan, I blew it! I thought it was another Susan that was following my blog. I am so happy we are reading each others posts. I love all the things you had to say. We know so little about some people. I would love it if you would sent me the code. I have a friend coming over on Wednesday to try to help me with such things. Having that code would help. I would also like the button you talked about for Patty's and my blogs. Thanks so much for the help and for your inspiring entries! Hugs!

  4. Dearest Patty,Thank you for your sweet words. I am so excited that you are blogging and sharing what God is teaching and doing in your life. I know that the Lord will bless and encourage others through your openness and transparency. Blessings in Christ! SusanP.S. I so look forward to September and studying the book of John.

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