May I Pray

May I pray with boldness for that which seems impossible
May I pray knowing that You are able
May I pray and dare to take the risk that You’ll say yes
May I pray and not worry about Your reputation if You say no

May I pray with courage about the truth that sets us free
May I pray with compassion for those who are lost and in darkness

May I pray with eyes focused on You, not my circumstances
May I pray in confidence as I speak forth Your word

May I pray for that which is more than I can ask or imagine
May I pray with assurance that You hear me in the heavenly places

Susan Bunts Wachtel
June 24, 2010

Dedicated to Karla…a woman with a heart for the Lord. 


The Bible
Plus other scriptures
Other authorities
That contradict the word of God

Truth has been exchanged
Myths are believed
Outrageous lies
From the very pit of hell

Christ is not preeminent
Praise, worship and adoration
Prayer and petitions
Offered to another instead of the one true God

The sting of death
The permanence of hell
Has been removed
By offering an alternative

Anathema, you are considered damned
If you dare to question
If you dare to expose man made doctrines

Christ is made subservient
He is there to answer our every wish
He is not our Lord and Savior
His will is conformed to ours

We desire salvation
The promise of heaven
Without giving an account
A reckoning to Christ

Susan Bunts Wachtel
November 5, 2009

A Little Bit of God

Each day she wants just a little bit of God
Enough to make her feel good
And help her through the day

As she rushes out the door
She whispers,
“Bless me I pray”

She loves to hear a feel good message
From a smiling preacher
Encouraging her to have her best life now

Her Bible sits safely on the shelf
Untouched by human hands
Her heart untouched by God’s word

She faces each day
In her own wisdom and strength
Then wonders why she has no victory over sin

Susan Bunts Wachtel
December 31, 2009

As a writer, sometimes I go through prolific seasons only to be followed by a dry spell.  During the busy seasons I write things…but don’t have the time to finish.  Stumbled across this poem I wrote at the end of last year.

Examine Thyself

  • Do I prize doing things for God over spending time in His word and in prayer?
  •  Do I seek what God can give me more than I desire Him? 
  • Do I want God to perform on queue?    
  •  Do I try to steal God’s glory? 
  • Do I prefer the praises of men over the approval of God?
  •  Why is it easier to say wait or no to God than it is to tell people that I have a priority commitment that’s non-negotiable?   
  • Do I keep my heart and mind stayed on Thee Lord?
  •  God, do I hide Your word in my heart so that I might not sin against You? 
  • Is the fruit of my labors putrefied by impure motives?
  •  Is the work of my hands like wood, hay and stubble only to be burned in the fire? 
  • Do I try to do more through self effort and a strong will rather than depending upon the Holy Spirit to strengthen, guide and direct me?
  •  Am I quick to obey the Holy Spirit’s leading?  Even when it doesn’t make sense from a human standpoint?   
  • Do I realize…do I have an inkling how huge and uncontainable God is?  How powerful He is?
  •  Do I have an ear to hear when God is rebuking me and how do I respond? 
  • Do I treat God casually?
  •  Do I come into His presence without given much thought to who He is?
  • Am I mindful that He is the Potter and I am the clay?  
  •  Do I think more highly of myself than I ought to? 
  • Do I realize that I’m never more like Satan then when I exult myself?

Celebrating What God Has Begun

I celebrate the love you have found
Honor the marriage you will build
Support through prayer the hard work God has just begun

I pray that Christ will be the center of your marriage
May you seek His wisdom and strength
As you walk on the path He has set before you

May your marriage mirror God’s perfect design
A wife who honors and respects her husband as unto the Lord
A husband who loves his wife as Christ so loved the church

May you be unwavering in your commitment
Fervent in prayer and guard your hearts
Delight each day in the wonderful gift God has given

by Susan Bunts Wachtel
June 4, 2010

For Alyssa & Daniel

The Me Centered Gospel

Messages from the Bible
To make me feel better

Smorgasbord preaching
About what God is doing for me

Inoffensive preaching…making all
The sting of conviction has been removed

The Sword of the Spirit rendered
Replaced with trite clever phrases of men

Good works expected…motives
No heart check required

The Gospel message
There is no mention of sin

by Susan Bunts Wachtel
June 6, 2010

The Judgment Seat of Christ

Whether you believe in the pre-trib, mid-trib, post trib-rapture
No matter if you favor a pre-millennial or amillennial reign of Christ
One thing is certain
The ungodly will be judged

Those who have died in their sins
Will be resurrected for judgment
They will stand before Him who is
Holy, Righteous and Just

Until that day, those who died without Christ
Those who declared their innocence
Rejected the free offer of forgiveness through the blood of the Lamb
Are bound in Hades…waiting to present their case

Before heaven and earth pass away
The sea will give up it’s dead
Graves will be emptied and the eternal souls of the ungodly
Will be summoned to stand before God for their final sentence

God the Father has given all authority
To Jesus Christ His Son
The ungodly have chosen to be judged according to their deeds
By the One who is Holy, Righteous and Just

God who is omniscient
Has kept a detailed, perfect, comprehensive record
He has flawlessly recorded every thought, every word and every deed
Omniscience has recorded it all

Mans works vs. God’s perfect standard
Be ye perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect
Be ye holy; for I am holy
God declares, “All your works are as filthy rags!”

God will bring to light that which is hidden in the darkness
He will expose the motives of men’s hearts
By their own words they will be condemned
The Charge:  All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God

Rather than plead guilty and receive a pardon through Jesus Christ
The One to whom they must give an account
Those who plead innocent
Have chosen to face a tribunal before God

Each punishment will be unique
Torment will come from a conscience that cannot be silenced
The Sentence…GUILTY
The Punishment…eternal suffering in the Lake of Fire

By Susan Bunts Wachtel
June 2, 2010

It seems as if my prayer list for salvation has grown exponentially.   Knowing the reality and the permanent eternal consequences of rejecting the offer of forgiveness through Jesus Christ…I am compelled to pray. 

This poem was inspired by our Kindred’s Berean Bible Study on Sunday morning and John MacArthur’s sermon on Revelation 20:11-15