Fathers, Sons and the Lessons of War

Check out the attached article by Frank Schaeffer.

Frank is the author of terrific book “Faith of our Sons”. Be sure to check it out…Especially if you have a son in the marines or serving in a branch of the military.


A Message to the Compromising Republican Seven

You went down the wrong road when you chose to compromise with the Democrats on their continuing misuse of the filibuster against judicial appellate court nominees.

I don’t get it! Now is the time for courage and fortitude. Now is the time to “suck it up” and take whatever verbal hits come from the mainstream media and from those who disagree. Now is the time to do right thing! Now is the time that we need to shut the door on this unprecedented abuse of the filibuster by the Democrats.

We needed to be positioned correctly for what will soon be one or more openings on the Supreme Court. If the Dem’s are doing this now for appellate court nominees…what do you think they’ll do when it comes to the Supreme Court nominees?

We can’t afford to throw overboard four strong conservative judicial nominees who will base their rulings on the Constitution of the United States of America…and not try to make law via the bench. Interpret the law…not make the law. We need every last one of them on the bench. Not sacrificed to appease the vocal sore losing Democrats.

These seven Democratic Senators have a different world view. Their interpretation of extraordinary circumstances will be quite different than a conservative Republican’s view. They made be fine neighbors and friends…good and descent people. But they can not be trusted when it comes to carrying out their political agenda.

To my Seven Republican Senators…you were absolutely wrong in your decision to compromise with the Democrats.

We need strong men and women representing conservatives who will demonstrate courage and fortitude. I sincerely hope that your constituents make your failure known to you by replacing you at re-election time with a person who will uphold conservative views unwaveringly. Send you off with a nice retirement package…for some fun and sun in Hawaii…but not allow you to continue represent the conservative base of our party.

Carl’s Jr. – What are you thinking?

Alright…I admit it…I was wrong in poising that question. Obviously you folks aren’t doing a lot of thinking these day. Not when you are using Paris Hilton in a pornographic commercial to promote your product.

Carl’s Jr. who would say is your main target customer base? Do you think that families are a big part of your business? If they are a significant portion of your business why in the world are you airing a commercial that is offensive to families?

Paris Hilton is a glorified slut. Your commercial is pornographic in nature. What you are doing is slapping every God fearing American family in the face.

Just what we need…more commercials to encourage our young boys to fantasize and view women strictly as sex objects or engage in sex outside of marriage. Just what we need to do…put more enticements into a married man’s head…when when our real goal should be to encourage and support strong marriages and families.

Frankly…I like Carl’s Jr’s food better than McDonald’s or other fast food places. But I can assure you this…my money won’t be spent at Carl’s Jr.

Now on the other hand if you come out with an apology and pull the awful commercial from the airways…I will feel comfortable in spending my money at Carl’s Jr. Until such time…my money is going elsewhere.

Celeb’s…Please Zip It!

Celebrities…I beg of you…I implore you…please zip it when it comes to sharing your political rhetoric or your profound take on moral issues. I concur and second Laura Ingraham’s advise to “Shut up and Sing”.

Folks you have no idea…of rapidly growing list of celebrities whose movies I will never see or music I will not listen to, much less purchase. Your political views are so naive. (I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt when saying naive.) The manner in which you so freely espouse your views, takes ones breath away. For you to believe that any thinking person gives a hoot and a holler about what you think or feel is truly amazing. You are uneducated and lead insular lives…you don’t hear other points of view or the reasons behind it. Therefore you don’t have to confront or examine your own point of view. The lives you lead…don’t even suggest that you have any concern for morality or accountability to a Holy and Righteous God.

Absolutely we live in a free society in which you can freely speak your mind…and support whatever causes you feel are worthy and just. But I beg of you…please stop being so vocal on your political views and the moral issues of the day. God may have blessed you with extraordinary talent…but that doesn’t mean you’ve been gifted with intellectual capabilities, wisdom or discernment.

As you continue to speak up so loudly…my list of people whose work I can never view or listen to again…grows by leaps and bounds. I’m even willing to sacrifice hearing from those few celebrities whose views I do agree with…if it means not hearing from the leftist Celeb’s any more.

When I see your movies now…or hear your songs…instead of seeing an intriguing character, a well written story or a hearing a moving song…I remember your outspoken comments on politics or America and how wretched you think we are.

As you continue to speak up…the number of people willing to spend their hard earned cash supporting a celebrity whose political views and life is in complete opposition reality and morality will continue to decline.

For your own sake…for you own financial benefit…Leftist Celebrities…please zip it!

Alzheimer’s…the Winding Road 5/29/05

5/29/05 – I’m learning that you don’t have to have memories to be happy. My mom, Gayle…is a relatively bright and cheery person day to day. Sometimes she has her days…where she’s difficult and feisty. But overall she’s happy. Her memory continues to decline. Usually she knows I’m Susan. Sometimes she thinks I’m her daughter…or her sister…or and old school mate.

Sometimes I’ll quiz her to see what she’s thinking about…what she remember about the past. Her memory continues to slip away. Not sure how much of it is the memories slipping away as opposed to her verbal capabilities declining…and not being able to express or put into words what she thinking, remembering or feeling.

Before I was so focused on the losses and everything this wretched disease was taking away. But now over time…I’m at a place where I’m focused on “the now”. Making the time I do spend with her a fun time. In the past I was more focused on some anger that all of a sudden here I was having to be responsible for, take care of and be loving towards a parent with whom I didn’t feel particularly close to. I carried some resentment over things that happened, or were said…and now here was someone taking withdrawals from an emotional bank account that she hadn’t made many deposits into.

Thankfully that’s has changed. Not perfect…and it has it’s bumpy days too…but overall it’s better. My expectations are much less…more realistic. I’m not trying to balance things…and keep things normal for Gayle…when obviously things will never be normal again. The best choice was moving her into the Alzheimer’s unit…where she gets more care and is made to participate in activities. It’s simpler and at her level. The people around her are also at a declining functioning level. So she doesn’t seem to pretend to be normal as much as she use to.

Like all things viewed in 20/20 hindsight…I wish I had done things differently earlier. I tried for so long to keep things as normal as possible for as long as possible for her. Thinking that’s what she wanted. When in fact…it probably made things worse. She tended try and act normal when it was beyond her capabilities. That ended up causing frustation, stress and anger.

Sometimes seeing her now…I feel like I’m seeing what she was like as a child. I see her so vulnerable…and I’m grateful to God for providing Brighton Gardens…and the money for her monthly rent. Yet…I still do pray that God would be merciful and let her pass away in her sleep…before she’s too far gone. But until such time…provide for her needs and mine…and give strength and wisdom…and some good times and fun too.