Dare I Confess

Dare I confess, I feel a wee bit low these days
My focus is off, not where it should be
On circumstances around me and not on my heavenly Father
Dare I confess, I long to be in heaven
Not in this world riddled with sin
Where evil seems to triumph
Dare I confess, I long for the Rapture
Is it coming soon or many years from now
Only the Lord knows when He will take His church home
Dare I confess, I need to remember
Each day the Lord delays
More people enter the Kingdom by confessing Christ as Lord
Dare I confess, daily walking with the Lord
Sometimes seems hard, but it is so worth it
Achieved through the power of the Holy Spirit within
Dare I confess, I need Your help Lord
To keep my heart and mind stayed on Thee
Saturate me in Your life-giving Word
by Susan Wachtel
December 29, 2012

The Gift Exchange

As the lights were dimmed

A hush came over the crowd

In the quiet a question was posed

What will you give Jesus for Christmas?

I knew in an instant

As his face came to my mind

Our relationship broken and strained

I would present this to my Lord

A beautifully wrapped package

Rested in my hand

Held close to my heart

Then raised to the Lord

In an instant my burden was lifted

Stress I had felt melted away

Once again my mind was focused

Aware of the presence of the Lord

How did this gift exchange happened

I will never fully know

As I presented my gift to the Lord

His peace filled my soul

by Susan Wachtel

December 12, 2012

Oliver Twist – Most Excellent

Focus on the Family Radio Theatre did a most excellent job in retelling Charles Dickens’ classic tale of orphan Oliver Twist.  It’s a quality production in every aspect, from the cast to the musical score, sound effects and narration. 
The talented cast did an outstanding job in bringing these memorable characters to life.  The story seems to come alive in the imagination of the listener.  The hardest part was waiting to listen to the next CD. 
This audio drama is a set that includes 5 CDs and a bonus DVD with footage on the making of the radio drama and interviews with experts on Charles Dickens.  After seeing the attention that was paid to the fine details it made me appreciate it even more.  I look forward to listening to it again and I want to read the book Oliver Twist.
The DVD also includes some true life, compelling stories on modern day orphans, a subject which is near and dear to the heart of Focus on the Family.
Oliver Twist would make an excellent gift!  I do believe that Mr. Dickens would himself be pleased with this radio drama.  I highly recommend Focus on the Family Radio Theatre’s production of Oliver Twist.
Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this audio drama to listen to and review.  I was under no obligation to give a favorable review.