Old Family Photos

 Frank and Gayle BuntsFrank and Gayle Bunts


Grandma and Grandpa's Wedding

Henry and Mary Johnson (Maternal Grandparents) Wedding Picture



Grandmother – Mary Frederickson


Grandpa Gayle and Joyce

Grandfather Henry Johnson and my mother Gayle and Aunt Joyce 1920’s


Frank 2

Frank Floyd Bunts

Mike, Pat Susan-1

Michael, Pat and Susan Bunts


 Frank Floyd Bunts


Grandmothers Dad and Aunt

Grandmother Mary Johnson’s Father and Aunt


Grandpa WW1

Grandfather Henry David Johnson during World War I


Mike, Pat, Susan-2

Michael, Patrick and Susan Bunts – Alamosa, CO


Daisy Moss Nate

 Susan’s kitties – Daisy, Moss and Nate








































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