Yet Will I Trust Him

When it doesn’t make sense

When I don’t understand

Yet will I trust Him

When uncertainty abounds

Confusion is abundant

I will diligently seek His wisdom

When my heart is hurting

Everything in me longs to be elsewhere

I will choose to obey

When circumstances are painful

All have turned against me

I will depend on Him

By Susan Bunts Wachtel

October 28, 2008

I See Dead People

I see dead people

Those who are spiritually dead to God…but alive to sin

Standing on the street corner waving signs

I see dead people

With darkened minds proclaiming right

That which God has declared sinful

I see dead people

Promoting sinful behavior

In the name of tolerance

I see dead people

Seeking the approval of man

For that which God will one day judge

I see dead people

Those who have exchanged the truth of God

And have believed the lies of Satan

I see dead people

Those who have darkened, foolish hearts

Proclaiming themselves to be wise

I see dead people

Proud, arrogant, angry and hateful

Shouting “intolerant” to those who choose to follow God’s way

Susan Bunts Wachtel

October 26, 2008

This poem is dedicated to those who are promoting a yes vote on Proposition 8 in California. Those who desire to protect marriage between one man and one woman.

I have been amazed at the number of protesters my husband Chris and I have seen on street corners over the last few days. The vast majority of protesters are against Proposition 8 in California which seeks to protect marriage as being between one man and one woman.

The protesters are so loud and angry. All too often the protesters are young or women…desiring to make sure that society approves of and makes people feel better in their behavior…even if the Bible declares it wrong or sinful.

Professing themselves to be wise…they became foolish!

Missing You

No one will ever know it
But memories of you
Fill my mind today

I find myself preoccupied
A little sadder…somewhat somber
Because my heart misses you

This year has been filled with many firsts
Shortly after your death
There was Mother’s Day…the first one without you

Today…we would have celebrated your 87th birthday
But instead…it is filled
With remembrances of you

There is no birthday card to write
To tell you that you are loved
No gift will be selected…to bring a smile to your face

When I was married just a few short weeks ago
I looked out at the congregation
If only I could have seen your face

Family and friends came alongside us
But none could take your place
You should have been there to celebrate the long awaited day

Oh dear one
Will I see you in heaven
Will we have an eternity to celebrate your birth

Susan Bunts
October 23, 2008

November 5th

November 5th, 2008

God…will still be upon His throne

We look for our salvation

In Christ…the victorious One riding upon a white horse

Our deliverance is not in man

Not a man named McCain, nor Obama

But in the One

Who is fully God and fully Man

We look to Him

Who is sovereign in all things

He alone establishes authority

He raises up leaders and brings down kingdoms

Our assurance is not in circumstances

Nor in good fortune or times of comfort and ease

Instead our surety

Is built upon the immovable Rock

Susan Bunts Wachtel

October 12, 2008

Chris & Susan…Becoming One

One of the fun things that my fiancé Chris Wachtel & I did in preparing for our wedding day was to put together a video of our lives. We stand amazed…as we look back and see how God concurrently and providentially worked in our lives to bring us together. We clearly see how He used events in our lives to shape and form us so that we are so perfectly suited for one another. October 4th, 2008 on our wedding day…this video will be shown at our wedding. We want honor and glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is the Author of our love story. We thank our family and friends for their love, support and prayers as we become one. Chris…I am so grateful that my hopes, dreams and prayers will be coming true with you…as we begin our new life as husband and wife on October 4th. May Jesus Christ be the Foundation of our marriage and first place in our lives. After Christ, may we put each other first. We fondly remember our parents who will not be here to share this day with us. We love you and thank you Leo & Ruth Wachtel, Frank Bunts and Gayle & Joseph Lorenat. I love you Christopher Leo Wachtel and can hardly wait to be Mrs. Christopher Wachtel!

Our engagement photo was taken by Sherry Hebestreit. Sherry does wedding photography in the Orange County area. We were very pleased with the work that Sherry has done and look forward to seeing the pictures from our wedding day.