For Personal Thought

In my weekly Bible study class, there will be the occasional question marked “for personal thought.”  The question from last week’s lesson really hit home.

We are studying the book of Revelation.  In chapter 20, we are learning about Christ’s reign on the earth during the millennium.  The saints will be serving during that time on the earth.  The personal question was, “If your position of authority in Christ’s kingdom will be in proportion to your faithfulness in service today, how much responsibility will you have?” 

I responded that honestly, I don’t know.  I wasted too many years where my focus was outward and striving for the praises of men.  I’ve been self focused and had tainted motives.  Thankfully, the Lord is patient and helping me to grow.  I love Him more and trust Him more and desire to obey Him more. 

I don’t know what responsibilities the Lord will give me based on me being a faithful servant. 

But I do know this, that I trust Him to judge rightly and reward me accordingly.  I also know that He didn’t give me what I do deserve for my sin.  Instead He laid the punishment for all my sin on Jesus Christ.  Thank You Lord!

Houma, Louisiana Vacation – March 2011

Click the icon to show the slide show in full screen to see the majesty of God’s handiwork in nature.
The slide show pictures were taken on our recent vacation to Houma, Louisiana.  My sister-in-law Carol and her husband Ron took us to some of the most beautiful places near their home.  We had a wonderful week and enjoyed our vacation immensely.  Thank you Ron and Carol!  We love you!
Some of the places we visited and recommend:

Sin and Sanctification

I visited a friend this weekend and her son Joshua shared about a great message he heard from Pastor John Piper about sin and sanctification.

For me…it’s not the big outward sins that I struggle with, like murder or adultery.  The sins that I struggle with and may even fail to recognize in myself are the sins of selfishness and pride.  It starts there and if given free reign I go down a very ugly path. 

Today I listened to John Piper’s message called, “I Act the Miracle.”  It was powerful and convicting, but also helped me to see the victory that believers already have in Jesus Christ.  If only we will start walking in that victory and fighting sin in us till the end.

You can download the message or listen on line.  Be prepared to be challenged. 

Thank you Pastor Piper for being open and transparent about sins people don’t like to admit to.  Thank you Joshua for sharing!