A little something

Susan and Chris Wachtel

I’m 55 and though I’m not what I should be, praise God I’m not what I used to be. I spent many years angry at God, running from Him and tried to deny His existence. Through the loving witness of my neighbors the Bocks, I saw a clear picture of God who loves me. At 32, I recognized I was a sinner, repented of my sins and received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I know that God still answers prayers. For many years I prayed for a husband and on the eve of my 49th birthday, God brought Chris Wachtel into my life and 7 months later we were married. I am conservative in my politics, but a former liberal. I even campaigned for Jimmy Carter and I rue that day. I find liberal leftist thinking, while well intentioned, ultimately flawed. I’ve been abundantly blessed by God with gifted pastors and teachers. I’m most grateful for Pastors Philip De Courcy and Chuck Obremski who faithfully taught the Word of God. I’ve also grown through BSF and CBS Bible Studies. God has recently moved us 1,500 miles from CA to TX. Not sure what the Lord will be doing in us and through us, but I am grateful to be walking with and depending on Him each day.


6 thoughts on “A little something

  1. Hello Pastor Brown,

    So good of you to stop by and leave message. I took a look at your website and I appreciate how you hand the Word of God carefully and go verse by verse in your exposition of Scripture.

    I would be willing to review a Bible Study book. Just so you know my schedule, I’m currently reading two books and hope to have the reviews posted within the next week or two.

    Thank you for reaching out to me and presenting the opportunity. I appreciate it.

    Lord blessings to you in Christ…Susan Wachtel

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