Five Minute Friday – From an Enemy to a Friend

O Lord, won’t You show me how
To get rid of an enemy
By making her my friend

Burden my heart to pray
For her salvation
To grow in wisdom, knowledge, truth and understanding
May she be like David
A woman after God’s own heart
Love You with all her heart, mind, soul and strength
May she grow in grace and mercy
Even the thoughts and intentions of her heart
Be good and pleasing to You
May kindness be on her lips
Her words filled with encouragement and build others up
More concerned about others than herself
May she keep short accounts with You
Be quick to repent and turn to You
May she be bendable, moldable and teachable
May she hide Your word in her heart
That she may not sin against You
May her soul be yielded unto You
May she walk closely with her God
Others will know she is Your disciple
By her love
May her life be a sweet fragrant offering
A sacrifice
Good and pleasing to her Lord
Susan Wachtel
April 27, 2013
It’s another Saturday morn and I wanted to participate in Lisa-Jo Baker’s FiveMinute Friday writing challenge.  Head over to her website “Lisa Jo Baker Tales from a Gypsy Mama”.  Be sure to read some of the entries from other writers.  I can promise you that you will be blessed.

Put a Guard Over My Mouth

Lord, put a guard over my mouth.
Please do not let me speak from a place of
                                Or Fatigue
Help me to be respectful to those to whom respect is due, even when they don’t behave that way.
May I be mindful that I will give an account to You for every word I speak.
May even the thoughts and intentions of my heart be good and pleasing to You. 
Help me not to respond when provoked.
        Or pay back evil for evil.
                Or answer a fool according to their folly.
Help me to lift up my eyes unto Your throne from whence cometh my help.
Help me to keep my focus on You.
As soon as my thoughts wander and once again I start to ponder the wrongdoing of another, help me to rein in my thoughts. 
Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.
Help me Lord to meditate on that which is
                                                Good Report
Help me to look for the lesson You have for me in the midst of the fiery trial.
Confident that You are able to use even the wicked, ill behavior of another for Your good purpose and plan.
Don’t let me become like the one whom I despise.
        Help me to do good to the one who hurts me.
                Help me to pray for the one who despitefully uses me.
Lord, I am overwhelmed.
        I don’t want to return to the lion’s den.
Help me to reach up and take hold of Your nail pierced hand as I enter in.
Protect me from the ravenous wolves and the sharp teeth and claws of lion stalking his prey.
Help me to stand firm and see the deliverance of the Lord.
        Know that the battle belongs to You Lord.
You are a Giant Slayer and I’m facing some giants these days.
Let me face them with You at my right side.  
Help me to honor You in all that I say and do.
Let me not bring shame or reproach upon the name of Christ.
This has been a challenging week.  I can’t imagine getting through it without Christ. 

Five Minute Friday – Incline my Ear

Though the flood waters rise
Threaten to overtake me
Darkness of night descends
Dawn of morning light seems so very far away
I will incline my ear to hear
The Lord is singing over me
My heart will be strengthened and encouraged
I will rejoice in the Lord my God
Though obstacles surround me
I will dare to jump over them
Confident and sure
For nothing is too hard for the Lord
Though all come against me
I will remain steadfast in God’s firm foundation
When I feel all alone
And none go with me
I will incline my ear to hear
The Lord singing over me in His loving-kindness
Susan Wachtel
April 20, 2013
The Lord your God in your midst,
The Mighty One, will save;
He will rejoice over you with gladness,
He will quiet you with His love,
He will rejoice over you with singing.

Zephaniah 3:17

The Lord will command His loving-kindness in the daytime,
And in the night His song shall be with me—
A prayer to the God of my life.

Psalm 42:8
It’s another Saturday morn and I participating in Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Fridaywriting challenge.  Head over to her website “Lisa Jo Baker Tales from a Gypsy Mama”.  Be sure to read some of the entries from other writers.  I can promise you that you will be blessed.

The Apple of God’s Eye

Today, we celebrate the birth
The life and gift
Of Charles Apple
He is a man well loved
By those who call him,
Son, husband, father and friend
He always has a memory to share
From his rich and varied life, a story which will bring
A smile to your face or a tear to your eyes
He has a heart like his heavenly Father
Generous and willing to help bear a burden
He comes willingly to the aid of those in need
He’s never known a stranger
He’s a man with a warm embrace
A tender heart
Today we celebrate the life
Of our good friend, Charles Apple
The Apple of God’s eye
Susan Wachtel
April 13, 2013
Happy 80th Birthday Charles!

Who’s your Daddy? by Pricilla Shirer

Do you ever need to remind yourself on who your God is?  Praying this list by Priscilla Shirer will encourage and strengthen your heart.  
He is the First and the Last
The Beginning and the End
He’s the Keeper of creation
And the Creator of all
He’s the Architect of the universe
and the Manager of all time
He always was,
always is
always will be
and never undone
He was bruised, but brought healing
He was pierced, but eased pain
He was persecuted, but brought freedom
He was dead and brings life
He has risen to bring power
and He reigns to bring peace
The world can’t understand Him
Armies can’t defeat Him
Schools can’t explain Him
and leaders they can’t ignore Him
Herod couldn’t kill Him
Nero couldn’t crush Him
The new age cannot replace Him
and Oprah cannot explain Him away
He is Light,
He is Love,
He is Longevity
and He is the Lord
He is goodness
and kindness
and faithfulness
and He is God
He is holy
and righteous
and powerful
and pure
His ways are right
His word eternal
His will unchanging
and His mind is on us
He’s our Savior
Our Guide,
Our Peace,
Our Joy,
Our Comfort
Our Lord
and He rules our lives
I serve Him because
His bond is love
His yoke is easy
His burden is light
and His goal for us is abundant life
I follow Him because
He’s the Wisdom of the wise
The Power of the powerful
The Ancient of days
The Ruler of rulers
The Leader of all leaders
His goal is a relationship with me
He’ll never leave you
Never forsake you
Never mislead you
Never forget you
Never overlook you
and never cancel your appointment in His appointment book, never!
When you fall He’ll lift you up
When you fail He’ll forgive you
When you are weak He’s strong
When you are lost He’s your Way
When you are afraid He’s your Courage
When you stumble He will steady you
When you are hurt He is going to heal you
When you are broken He will mend you
When you are blind He will lead you
When you are hungry He will feed you
When you face trials He is with you
When I face persecution He shields me
When I face problems He will comfort me
When I face loss He will provide for me
and when we face death
He will carry us all home to meet Him
He is everything
For everybody
Every time
and in every way
He is your God
And that sisters (and brothers) is Who you belong to
Pricilla Shirer
Anointed, Transformed and Redeemed