Celeb’s…Please Zip It!

Celebrities…I beg of you…I implore you…please zip it when it comes to sharing your political rhetoric or your profound take on moral issues. I concur and second Laura Ingraham’s advise to “Shut up and Sing”.

Folks you have no idea…of rapidly growing list of celebrities whose movies I will never see or music I will not listen to, much less purchase. Your political views are so naive. (I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt when saying naive.) The manner in which you so freely espouse your views, takes ones breath away. For you to believe that any thinking person gives a hoot and a holler about what you think or feel is truly amazing. You are uneducated and lead insular lives…you don’t hear other points of view or the reasons behind it. Therefore you don’t have to confront or examine your own point of view. The lives you lead…don’t even suggest that you have any concern for morality or accountability to a Holy and Righteous God.

Absolutely we live in a free society in which you can freely speak your mind…and support whatever causes you feel are worthy and just. But I beg of you…please stop being so vocal on your political views and the moral issues of the day. God may have blessed you with extraordinary talent…but that doesn’t mean you’ve been gifted with intellectual capabilities, wisdom or discernment.

As you continue to speak up so loudly…my list of people whose work I can never view or listen to again…grows by leaps and bounds. I’m even willing to sacrifice hearing from those few celebrities whose views I do agree with…if it means not hearing from the leftist Celeb’s any more.

When I see your movies now…or hear your songs…instead of seeing an intriguing character, a well written story or a hearing a moving song…I remember your outspoken comments on politics or America and how wretched you think we are.

As you continue to speak up…the number of people willing to spend their hard earned cash supporting a celebrity whose political views and life is in complete opposition reality and morality will continue to decline.

For your own sake…for you own financial benefit…Leftist Celebrities…please zip it!

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