Wishing you a Heavenly Birthday Grandma

Today would have been my Grandmother’s 113th birthday. Grandma lived to be 93 years old…and passed way June 2, 1986…coming up on 20 years ago in just a few short months.

My Grandma and I were not very close while I was growing. For a lot of reason really…but mostly because we just had very different personalities and interests. Hurts that we each suffered in our lives may have put a barrier between us.

My Grandmother was a Christian and while she was still alive I was an unbeliever. I think that was one of the obstacles to a good relationship between us. Several years after she died…I did accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Now when thinking about Grandma…I wonder how our relationship would have been different if I had become a Christian earlier.

Anyway…Happy Birthday Grandma. I’ll see you in heaven one day. Perhaps then…we can be friends…and really get to know one another. And those flaws and limitations that hindered our relationship down here will go by the wayside. Say “Hi” to Grandpa for me.

I don’t have a lot of things from my Grandma…but do have an assortment of awesome photos. Enjoy!

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