Another Treasure

Please check out Debra’s latest writing at As I See It Now. It’s called “So, Like, How am I doing?”.

It’s wonderful…very convicting, challenging and ultimately healing. She talks about how she reacts when offended by others.

Like Debra…I can say that I have learned over the years…it’s much better to choose not to be offended, forgive quickly…and move past the issue. Do I always succeed at that? No…but I’m getting better.

Two points I’m walking away with from Debra’s post is:

1) When offended…going to God and asking him, “God…how am I doing?”. Sometimes this can be a dangerous question…because when I erred…the Holy Spirit will let’s me know. Sometimes gently and sometimes it feels like more a whack upside the head. (Which I usually need right about then.)

2) Remember…that God give me the grace to forgive and change. He does not give me the grace to remain in unforgiveness, bitterness and anger. When I choose to remain offended, angry or bitter…it’s very draining, wearing and done entirely on my own power.

Wow…great article…please be sure to click on the link and read Debra’s article. As I See It Now…is a website I have bookmarked…and check regularly. Debra’s writings are wonderful. Always open and transparent…encouraging and feeds the soul. Also some fun and whimsy too. Thanks Debra…Atta Girl!

One thought on “Another Treasure

  1. Thanks so much, Susan for linking to my blog and for your kind words… Oh! And I *love* the sepia-toned photos of your grandmother! Love, love, love them and I do thank you for sharing them and for telling us about your grandmother, too. I, also, like to wish my own grandmother happy birthday, even though she’s been in heaven for 11 years. She and my grandfather were so special to me and I still think about them both so very often. Thanks again… Debra

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