God’s Talking…Am I Listening?

Have you every gone through one of those times…when you feel like you’re just getting slammed? Repeatedly…no let up! You feel like you’re taking your last breath…and going under.

That’s kind of what today felt like. Yet it did have moments…when the gentle form of ever-present God reached out to me. Like a soft whisper or a gentle breeze…subtle…but there, nonetheless.

When driving home tonight from Bible Study Fellowship…the thought struck me it’s Satan who uses trials and tribulations to drive us away from God. But God uses these same circumstances in our lives…to draw us to him. And for those of use who are not so quick to obey or listen…he will drive us…like a shepherd taking care of his flock. When danger or trouble is near…the shepherd is more forceful in directing the sheep where he wants them to go.

God was forcefully driving me back to him. Not that I’ve run away…but goodness knows there are many distractions competing for my time and attention.

My reaction to these adverse circumstances was not one of anger towards God…but one that wanted to retreat. To hide away…and lick my wounds. Defeated and alone. It hurts to think that no one cares…and I think sometimes I almost take for granted that God does care. Maybe because I don’t fully comprehend it…and maybe because there is not a physical or visual demonstration of his care coming directly from him.

That’s where we can be tools and instruments of God. God has created us for, and allows us to be used to demonstrate his love towards others.

Ephesians 2:10 – For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Now that is something that ought to make us pause at the enormity and privilege that God has given us. That the God who created the universe would use us to reach out to others on his behalf. Wow!

It ought to also make us tremble with fear when we choose to act and go our own way. You can be certain that Satan will use that as a hurtful and destructive influence on others. Some of which are hurting, needful souls. Souls that just need a loving hand to reach out to them. We don’t know when we encounter these people…that it may be a crisis or pivotal moment in their life. Our actions toward them…how we treat them…can push them one way or the other. Compel them towards God or drive them away.

And if we are Christians…who are known as such…and have that title…when we err, when we drop the ball, when we hurt others…it brings aspersions our Lord and Savior. It’s at those times we don’t look a whole lot different than the rest of the world. And probably a little worse…you the word…hypocrites.

So as I go to bed tonight…and lay my head on the pillow I am thankful to God. Thankful that he pursued me…when I was hurting and just wanted some space…he kept walking right along side me. I thank him for the reminder on what it is to hurt so deeply…so that when I see that in the eyes of another hurting soul…I will recognize it and seek to love and reach out to them.

I’m trying God…honest! I’ll try not to forget this lesson. And when I do…I’m grateful that God…is not only a God of second chances…but thousands of chances and more. Thank you Jesus!

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