The Most Wonderful Time of Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…with those daffodils blooming…and Girl Scouts bringing those yummy cookies.

Ah yes…it’s that time again. Winter is nearing its end…and spring will soon arrive. But in the mean time…there a few things to look forward to. Top on that list is daffodil bunches from Trader Joe’s.

Now I don’t normally buy flowers for myself…and if I do…it’s the kind you get at the grocery store. Never have I ordered an arrangement from the florist…that’s what makes its special when your sweetheart sends you flowers…it’s something that just never do for yourself.

But my one exception on buying flowers for myself is when it’s almost spring time…and you can bunches of daffodils at Trader Joes for a mere .99 cents a bunch. I buy bunches and bunches of these lovely bits of sunshine all wrapped up in a daffodil. They are positively miraculous.

When you buy them…they are tight little buds…not yet opened…and not even a hint that the will open soon. But you bring them home…snip off the ends…and place in them in a special vase. Don’t take your eyes off them for long…because you will see them open before your very eyes.

I buy a bunch for home…and one to take to work…and one to take to my mom’s each week during this season. At work…they sit at my desk…and you can almost watch them open. In fact…sometimes you will hear the crinkle of the little paper-like wrapping that surrounds the bulbs.

And when you look at the bulbs as they open…the bright, beautiful color shines through…it almost seems as God had his angels capture rays of sunshine to place in each little bulb. A treat to behold.

In keeping with something special…I must give you a recommendation for an incredible TV show/video you must order if you love flowers. Huell Howser has a program on PBS called California’s Gold. A number of years ago…he broadcast a show on California’s flower fields. Huell visited three of California’s most magical places. Daffodil Hill in Amador…up near Sutter’s Mill…where over 300,000 Daffodil bulbs are scattered on the hillsides. Next…was a trip down the coast to Carlsbad Ranch…to see the Ranunculas in bloom…on a hillside across from the ocean. It is a sight to behold.

Now I’ve not been to Daffodil Hill…but if I’m ever up in northern California…you can be sure…that will be on my travel itinerary. But I have been most fortunate to go to the Ranuncula fields in Carlsbad. It’s a wonderful mixture of row after row of vibrant color from the Ranunculas in bloom. Then the sea breeze is blowing…and when the sun is shinning…you feel as if you are almost in heaven…or about as close as you can get this side of heaven. You can walk up the hillside…and get a closer look at the flowers…and take in the most magnificent ocean view. If I lived down that way…I’d have the season pass. Get my daily exercise…and fill soul with that beauty. You can be sure I will be paying a visit to Carlsbad Ranch…in just a few short weeks…to partake in its beauty. Camera will be in hand. Each year…they have an Easter sunrise service on the hillside. Now that would be lovely!

Lastly…Huell headed up the coast and inland to see the Poppy fields near Antelope Valley. The program ends with an aerial view of the fields as a helicopter flies overhead. Music befitting this view plays in the background. If this is any preview of heaven…my goodness we will never want to leave.

All three places…are a marvelous creation…bearing witness to the magnificent Creator.

So…it is with a big thumbs up I recommend you order this video. You will not be disappointed.

If you find yourself in California…in the springtime…be sure to plan a visit to these California treasures. In the mean time…don’t forget to go to Trader Joe’s…and buy yourself…those lovely little bits of sunshine called daffodils. Ah…springtime…just wonderful.

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