Stress…God Spot

When reflecting about stress…and what’s its like for me…I describe it as having a full plate and people keep coming along and adding to that already full plate. Unaware of what else I have pending and the urgency of it. In other words…they can be rather oblivious to anything other than their request.

At the Women’s Retreat at Kindred Community Church this Saturday…one of the topics was stress. As I reflected further on stress I realized…that on occasion God may add to my full plate. Unlike people he is fully aware of what’s on that plate…yet he may choose to put more on it. Why? Perhaps the reasons vary. But I think that one aim that God may have in doing so is to encourage me to turn to him. To recognize that I am unable to carry the load on my own. Another reason…may be to get me to wake up to the fact that I’m carrying loads that he never intended for me to carry. I’m taking on undue burdens.

Have you ever offered to help someone…and can plainly see they need assistance? Yet…they refuse your help…even when it’s genuinely offered with good intentions.
How many times do I fail to accept God’s help?

How many times am I oblivious to the cares and concerns of others…when I go to them and need something? Am I solely focused on what I need…and not see what pressure, stress or needs they have?

One thought on “Stress…God Spot

  1. Great insights. It’s true that sometimes we take something on in the interest of being of help when it is, in fact, not where God wants us at that time. If His burden is light, our efforts should not be a huge struggle. We either don’t rely on Him to carry us through, or we’re trying to do something outside His will for us. That’s something I tend to lose sight of frequently.

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