It’s a Thirteen Thursday…Kind of Day

Being that it’s thirteen Thursday…I’ve decided to reflect on thirteen of my favorite things.

1. Favorite book of the Bible…Roman’s – it’s such a full bodied book. It helps me try and understand God in his sovereignty, his omnipotence, his holiness and righteousness. It brings me great peace to know of God’s grace. And I’m glad to know that my God is so big that I will never fully understand him. Who can fully comprehend the concepts of free will and God’s sovereign will as it applies to our salvation. But Paul wrestles with these concepts and stretches your mind and spirit. By the way…starting in September…BSF Bible Study Fellowship is studying the book of Romans. So if you are interested…sign up…it’s an awesome study.

2. Favorite book of the Old Testament…Genesis – Again…like Romans…this book is so deep. You could read it for a lifetime and never get bored. Each time I read Genesis…I learn new things. And the people/characters in Genesis…are those whom the Judeo Christian faith started with.

3. Favorite New Testament Character…well now that’s a toss up between Paul and Peter. Paul…what an incredible man…so transformed by Jesus. From one persecuting and killing Christians…to one who took the gospel message to the world.

4. Favorite Apostle…Peter. Okay…I solved my dilemma by choosing Peter in this category. Why Peter…because I feel most like him. Bold enough faith to step out of the boat and try and walk on water…yet sinking when he gets his eyes off Jesus and on the storm instead. Peter…who at one moment proclaims that Jesus is the Christ…and the next is telling Jesus may it never be…about him going to the cross. I feel most like a Peter. Good intentions…love my Lord…and have a big mouth in which my feet can be frequently found.

5. Okay…how about favorite coffee? Starbucks Breakfast Blend. Smooth, steady…but light. But in no way wimpy.

6. Favorite coffee place and drink? That’s easy…the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Now really…must I limit myself to one drink? Favorite coffee drink…a large vanilla latte with soy milk, an extra shot…extra hot. Another treat…is the white chocolate latte…oh yeah. But why limit yourself to just one? Favorite tea latte…Blueberry Pomegranate Tea Latte…with soy of course. And of course a scone to go along with it…blueberry or cherry please. Really…honest and truly…you deserve a treat today…so you head on over to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

7. Favorite movie…shucks…I don’t know for sure. There are certain movies I could watch over and over again…and never grow tired. Rudy…just love that movie. Groundhog Day…As Good As It Gets…A Wonderful Life…You’ve Got Mail…Apollo 13. Well I guess there won’t be just one favorite movie. So on to the next favorite.

8. Favorite radio show…Dennis Prager. Wonderful…and I really feel like I am getting an education. Between the wisdom and knowledge of Dennis and that of his guests I can’t help but learn and grow. (Now Dennis has annoyed me of late over his flaking on his subscription service…but dog gone it…still love the man.)

9. Favorite author…that’s a little bit hard. But if push comes to shove…and I had to pick one author’s books to have with me on a deserted island…I’d pick Jan Karon’s books. Positively delightful…simple and easy…yet profound. When reading her books…you feel like you could step into the pages and onto the streets of Mitford…and make friends with characters therein. Lovely.

10. Favorite TV or Radio Ministry…Charles Stanley with In Touch Ministries. He has heart and love for God. A high view of God…and a love, care and compassion for man. Rooted and grounded in the Word of God.

11. Favorite church? Oh come on…that’s not even a contest. Of course it’s Kindred Community Church…and all the wonderful people that are members…and attend. I extend a personal invitation to any of you who would like to attend. Click on the above link for service times and directions.

12. Favorite Pastor…my dear beloved former Pastor…Chuck Obremski. Passionate for God and his Word. No nonsense…loved truth…and loved people. He was real…and shared openly and honestly…both the good and the bad. I look forward to seeing him in heaven one day soon.

13. Favorite attribute of God…grace. Why? Because I am in such need of an outpouring of grace each day. And I also need to learn that attribute as well so I may extend it to others.

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