Not a Good Combination

This week has been a lesson in pain…physical pain. Specifically how all consuming it can be.

Sunday evening lead into a week of a migraine headache. To make matters worse…my wisdom teeth decided to do an unwise and untimely thing…by trying once again to make an appearance. Then to add to the equation my sinuses said, “Hey…its springtime…let see what havoc we can cause.” So to say I was in pain…is an understatement.

This blessed migraine has lasted all week. At times thankfully it’s been less obnoxious…but it’s still hanging on today.

Tuesday and Wednesday were the worse…and sleep evaded me. I had to sleep sitting up because the pain was just throbbing when I laid down. Little did my sister know…but she almost received a phone call in the middle of the night to take me to the emergency room.

I think I cried out to God more this week than ever before. Finally on Wednesday night…when I could not bear another night of pain and no sleep…I sent a quick prayer request off to Kindred’s Prayer Team. Within a few minutes of sending that off…the pain eased up from about a level 10 to a level 1 or 2…allowing me to rest. I cried with relief and gratitude…and for the first time in days…was able to sleep.

Trying to sleep sitting up is awful. All I could think of was my dear Pastor Chuck…and how he had to do that towards the end of his cancer coaster. I just did it for a couple of nights…and it was hard. I can’t even imagine what its like for extended periods of time.

Finding something that can bring relief from physical pain can become all consuming quest. Even to bring it down a notch…so it’s bearable. My pain killer of choice Advil…is no longer an option…since I’m allergic and breakout in hives. Aspirin isn’t an option either…so I’m left with Tylenol. Grateful for something…but it’s just not a great pain killer.

It’s not uncommon to hear of pharmacies having burglaries or theft of Vicodin. Why…I’ll never know. On Tuesday night…I took a Vicodin left over from an earlier prescription…and I could have saved myself the time. It made absolutely no difference.

In the midst of the pain…I cried out to God for help. Not in any way an eloquent prayer…but one uttered in desperation. Trying to figure out why the pain was relentless and my prayers not being answered…I confessed my sins that came to mind. Yet the pain continued. So then I asked God to reveal to me what he wanted me to learn from this experience…just wanting to put an end to it.

Physical pain lessens my ability to concentrate and perform well. I’m distracted because of the pain. I was amazed that I was patient in dealing with some people and situations…I would have guessed other wise. But it’s very wearing…and just getting the basics done when I get home at night was an accomplishment. Ironing clothes for the next day or taking out the trash was difficult. I think I will have a new appreciation for being able to complete simple tasks…like washing dishes.

It got me thinking about emotional pain and how one might seek whatever means necessary to make that stop too. While different from physical pain…it can be as difficult to bear. And what about spiritual pain? What does that look like…and what do I do to bring relief?

Definitely not a road I would have chosen to go down. One…from which I’m looking for a quick exit. Thankfully I ended the week…with the pain level reduced. The migraine has lessened and even gone away for hours at a time. I’ve been able to sleep which I have a new appreciation for…after finding sleep so evasive.

Prayerfully I hope that this episode is something of the past, very soon. But, boy oh boy, what a wake up call…to pain and what some people deal with on a daily basis.

2 thoughts on “Not a Good Combination

  1. Thanks Miss Debra. Since I was out of it…I only briefly visited your website on Saturday. I must say…you are very prolific and every time I visit…I am blessed and challenged and convicted…in a good way. God is using you Debra.Thanks for the prayers…Susan

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