Not a Lone Voice

Below are some of the responses that I received from people who also saw the interview on Fox News with Shirley Phelps-Roper and read my piece…Confronting an Ugly Face of Christianity.

Thank you Christy, James, Danielle, Randy and Anonymous…appreciate your responses.

More than that…I’m glad to know that there are other Christians out there who were also outraged at Ms. Phelps-Ropers remarks. It is imperative that we as Christians respond to ugliness and hate veiled as Christianity…directly, boldly and sometimes loudly.

Christy name is Christy and I was looking around for information on this Shirley lady and I came across your blog. I agree with everything you had to say in your blog! This lady is crazy. Why is it that 90% of “Christians” shown on the television are crazy people like her that give us a bad name…good to know that there are still some good Christians out there.

This woman is psychotic and does not truly preach the word of God, simply what her and her ‘church’ aka her family think to be what God desires. If God did not mean for us to have military, there wouldn’t be one. Even the Bible speaks of battles and war. Her issue clearly is not with the military, it is with Gays… so why is she going out of her way to cause trauma and added grief at the side of these funerals? FOR ATTENTION!!!

I just read your blog regarding Shirley whats her name…and I just would like to say thank you for your response to that…it made me feel so much better after hearin that lunatic on fox news…I myself have more harsh words for her but your words were the right ones and most powerful and I once again thank you for that…God Bless

oh its cool i saw it on myspace… someone posted it as a bulletin… yea… she is crazy… i reposted it… my dad asked what day it was thou… cuz he was like woah sean and that other guy agreed…. he said the whole point of the show is that they have different viewpoints… so he thought it was funny… and yes he thinks shes crazy 2.

TALK ABOUT WHACKED OUT! Where did this woman come from, and why did brother Hannity give her the time of day? WHEW, I got wore out just reading this exchange. The Bible warns about the spirit of anti-Christ, and this is evidence of its continued arrival on the scene to add insult to injury. Thanks for exposing this and your courage for writing this, and may God bless our soldiers, and protect the true defenders of good and righteousness…Randy (Psallo Praise Ministries)

Christy is right…most of the Christians portrayed on television and in films are shown stupid, crazy, whacky or just down right mean. Thanks to the likes Ms. Phelps-Roper…that trend will continue.

Anonymous…you too are correct. Her argument and fight is not against the soldiers…but against that which she believes is worthy of damnation. The funerals of our fallen soldiers are merely a platform for her to spew forth her hatred.

James…I too had some rather harsh and ugly words for this woman. But God was able to help me write something a little less incendiary than I would have if written immediately after hearing her ugly, whacky, hate-filled defense of indefensible actions. It took me a while to find the video clip so I could transcribe the exchange. I felt that it was important…so that people could see for themselves what she was saying and why it was wrong…not just hear me rant and rave.

Danielle…your dad was right. Sean and Alan never agree. I think it was the first time I’ve watched Hannity and Colmes and actually agreed with Alan.

Randy…it is our duty as Christians today to fight those who misrepresent our Savior Jesus Christ and the Bible. We need to expose the lies for what they are.

I’d like all Christians to remember back to September 11, 2001. Do you remember the pictures of Palatines dancing in the street and shooting the guns in the air to celebrate their fellow Muslim’s success in striking the United States of America? Where were the voices speaking out against them? Were they there? Yeah I’m sure there was some and probably many were as stunned, hurt and outraged at the terrorist actions…but they were relatively silent.

We can’t afford to do that as Christians. We must, absolutely commit to being the first to call persons who speak hate and do hateful actions in the name of Christ to account. Silence will only reinforce the distorted pictures that people are seeing in the media.

Lastly…Ms. Phelps-Roper reminds me of the following saying, “They don’t mind giving your all…for their cause.” Ms. Phelps-Roper doesn’t mind inflicting pain to the wives, parents, brothers, sisters, family and friends of our fallen soldiers. She doesn’t mind inflicting pain…when she can take advantage to promote her cause of hatred.

If we fail to speak out…people will turn away and not hear the message of salvation. Yes our God is holy, righteous and just. And we…sinful man are deserving of eternal separation from God. But our God is also full of grace, mercy and love…and has provided a way for our forgiveness.

Ms. Phelps-Roper…while claiming to speak for God is an instrument of Satan to keep people from coming to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. She does so by making God and his word hateful and repugnant. Don’t let her be a lone voice!

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