I Am From

Do you need a treat? Something to fill your soul? A place where you can reflect on the ordinary goodness and blessings from God?

When visiting Debra at As I Now See It…I stumbled across another link to a wonderful website. Owl Haven…and it’s truly a must see website. What a lovely spirit we see here. In Mary’s latest feature…she has writings from her children…describing where they are from. It’s a wonderful word picture or snapshot of what their home and lives are like. This is a must visit site.

I Am From Last One
I Am From #4
I Am From #3

Now be forewarned…it will get your juices stirring and you will want to reflect on your own home and where you come from. So get out your pen and paper and get writing.

3 thoughts on “I Am From

  1. Hey Susan! I’m so glad these blessed you, too. Guess what? Mary added three more ‘I Am Froms’ written by her children. Gee, all her kids are truly, truly amazing! Be sure to check out these latest written by her little ones… Thanks for linking to me, and again, I’m glad you liked these and Owlhaven, too, as much as I did! … Debra

  2. Hey Mary,Actually that quilt is a picture off of a website Memes Quilts by Sherri Pool http://www.memesquilts.com/memeindex2.htmShe uses a lot of scripture…in her work. I’ve not made any of her quilts…but I have used her patterns to make some sweatshirts. One bear sweatshirt and one snowman sweatshirt. Check out her work…I’m sure you’ll like it. Her patterns can be ordered on line or you may be able to get at your local quilt shop too.Thanks for stopping by…and I love your website…it’s simply charming.Susan

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