United 93…Can You Imagine?

Sometimes I consider Dennis Prager to be my muse…because his programs inspire, inform and even amuse me.

But when listening to a program last week…I found myself wanting to shout at the radio…to get Dennis’ attention. The subject was how today’s leftists are the modern day equivalent of Totalitarians. Indeed I agree with him.

Dennis said, “Nothing scares me more than the airbrushing of history. The Nazi’s did it, the communists did it. The ACLU wants it done in the United States. And so do the anti-smoking people. The ACLU does it when they airbrush out, legally airbrush out, crosses from the seals of the counties and cities of this country.”

Dennis cited several examples on how leftists seek to erase or hide history. He shared the example of Stalin’s attempt to rewrite history by airbrushing Trotsky out of a picture. Or when Hitler had Stalin’s cigarette airbrushed out from a photo with Stalin and Von Ribbentrop. A caller cited a recent example with the release of the Beatles Abby Road album that had a cigarette airbrushed out of Ringo’s hand.

Dennis further shared, “The Totalitarian temptation in the human being is very deep. I don’t want people to see what I don’t like, even if it happened.”

All the while I was listening to Dennis talk…I was waiting for him or one of his callers to raise the most obvious, egregious example of the rewriting history right before our very eyes. Or to be more precise…the denial of history by minimizing it…or not focusing on it.

What is that example? September 11th. None other than the transforming event of our generation if not our nation’s history.

How is that being done? Tell me…where is the video from that horrific day? It’s not like we saw it for several years afterward and got burned out on it. Instead…a short time after September 11th, the media…didn’t show those images or play the videos any longer.

Contrast that with the Rodney King beating. We were bombarded for months seeing those images. So much so…it served as a tool or license to incite rioting and violence. Or what about the Abu Grab pictures that plastered the New York Times for hundreds of days in a row?

But September 11th…you don’t really see those pictures unless you seek them out.

What’s the effect of so quickly and easily dismissing the images of our fellow citizens dying or escaping with only their lives? We become weak willed…and are unable to follow thorough with determination to defeat the terrorists or even recognize them as terrorists.

We forget that the people who cut off Nick Burg’s head are evil…true evil and that they must be defeated…no killed. Instead…we start thinking global warming is the greatest concern today. Let’s think this through for a minute. Is real evil someone cutting off the head of a living human being all the while chanting, “Allah Achbar”…or is it an unproven scientific theory?

Or we start thinking that putting panties on a man’s head and taking degrading photographs of him is equivalent or worse than what Sadam did. Tell me…would you rather have some abusive degrading photos taken…or be put in a human shredder, feet first? Gee wiz…if I get vote…I’ll take the photos instead. Make no mistake…I don’t excuse the wrong actions of the few military personnel involved. But I also know and recognize true evil…and that ain’t it.

That’s why it wasn’t even question of if I would see the new film United 93. We owe it to the men and women on that flight…who were the first ones to fight back the terrorists…to not forget. To not forget what the terrorist did that day and not forget the incredible evil they are capable of.

We must defeat them. The only other choice is to let them win…and that’s not an option.

You owe it to the people on United 93 to see this film. To forever engrave in your mind the images and sounds of what happened to them. To be ever mindful of what happened to 2,752 fellow Americans almost five years ago.

I want you to think…imagine if only for a moment…what that day would have been like if the passengers on United 93 had not fought back? Where would that plane have struck? The Capitol or the White House? How many more American’s would have perished? Would the American people and their psyche have been utterly defeated?

As it is…these people’s actions inspired and encouraged American’s to fight back. Take our fight to the terrorists and defeat them. These people gave their lives for our country…and we as American’s owe them a few hours of our time. Time to see, hear and remember what happened to them. To remember how they mustered the courage to begin that first step in the battle to defeat the terrorists.

We are to continue that battle…step by step. When will the last step be taken? Not for a very, very long time…if ever. But taking that next step is our only choice.

The terrorist didn’t strike Democrats or Republicans, male or female, gay or straight, smoker or non-smoker, Jew, Christian or Muslim that day. Instead they struck Americans.

So I invite you, along with Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved and family members of United 93 passengers…to see United 93. It’s not too soon and yes…it’s entirely too painful. And it should be. After all…those rat bastards killed 2,752 of our fellow Americans, for no other reason than the fact they where Americans. Go get your ticket today.

And while you are at it…click on the link to Flight 93 National Memorial Project. Make a donation and help keep their memory alive.

Thank you United Flight 93 Passengers…I pray that I will be as courageous in facing evil as you were on September 11, 2001.

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