Double Blessed by God

Not sure when I began my tradition to commemorate the National Day of Prayer. But for a few years now…on that first Thursday in May…I do a prayer walk.

Each morning I walk…and I always say it’s my favorite time of day…the best part of my day. And indeed it is. It helps me to focus, awaken, relax, de-stress, and think through things that are weighing heavy on my mind. Usually I’ll listen to Dennis Prager or a Podcast of Focus on the Family or In Touch Ministries.

But this day is special…the National Day of Prayer. Instead of distractions…I will focus. Focus on God, our nation and the need for God’s people to come humbly before Him to intercede on behalf of this great nation that He has raised up.

I am most grateful to be a Christian…and most thankful to be an American. Double blessed by God.

In Bible Study Fellowship…I learned a wonderful way to pray. I start by saying the different names of God and move into thanking God for the different blessings, grace and mercy He has poured out upon me, my family, my friends and our nation. I confess my sins before a Holy, Righteous God and then come humbly before my Lord…and present my requests.

The needs of our nation are great and at all levels. We are a nation in need of God and as Christians and people of faith…it imperative we pray for our country and our fellow citizens. So let’s take a day…and lay aside our differences and come before God in prayer for the greatest nation on God’s green earth…that we are most blessed to abide in.

How will you be praying for our nation…on this National Day of Prayer?

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