One of the best things…

One of my favorite things…a benefit about this whole blogging thing is when you go to your favorite sites to see what’s new, explore and keep up to date with your blogger buds.

One of my favorite sites is Debra’s at As I See It Now. Debra is very open and transparent…she shares her life…the good, the bad and the ups and downs.

I guess I’m not the only one who feels that way…because I also treasure reading other peoples comments on Debra’s articles. In doing so…I discover more great sites. I guess good people…attract like minded folks.

Well…I have a couple of new discoveries today…that I will be adding to my favorites and linking to…Adrienne’s website Journeying…By Grace Alone and Dianne’s at Unfinished Work. I feel like I’ve found more kindred souls. I’m having fun as I explore their sites.

One thought on “One of the best things…

  1. Thanks so much for linking to me! Oh, and I’m so glad you are enjoying Adrienne’s and Dianne’s blogs, too… They are blessings, aren’t they?! There are so many great blogs out there in Blogland and I always do a happy dance (on the inside…heh…) whenever I discover a new special one (and I love getting acquainted with their writers, too, as time goes you, for instance!). Blessings to you, and thanks so much for you comments at my blog today–though you are spoiling me with your kindness… Loved your next post, also–isn’t it amazing how much God can teach us in such a short time when we simply choose to listen to Him? (Imagine–actually listening to God!) 🙂 ….Debra

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