Something’s Got to Give

So it’s been a while hasn’t it? Yes siree bob.

It’s not for laziness, nor lack of ideas that my blog postings have been a little on the sparse side lately. Alright, alright…alright already…downright absent if the truth be told.

Why? Well…the reasons are multifaceted. For one thing…I have zero energy these days. I call it a scary tired. When you are so tired…that you are concerned and know that it’s more than just not getting enough sleep. It feels like something is wrong. It takes every bit of energy to get through eight hours at work…when I’m use to working a lot longer than that. Normally at eight hours…I’m just starting to reeve up my engines.

If I’m a betting person…I’d guess it’s low iron again. For a while now…when I attempt to give blood with the Red Cross I get the “thanks, but no thanks” line.

Adding to the mix…I figured I’d toss in a week or so with precious little sleep. After all when I die…I will get to rest. I don’t have time now…my time is surly at a premium.

And while I’m at it…why not toss in some pour eating choices…like sweets and salty food. Water…I hear it’s highly overrated. Okay…well not really…but I’m just trying to paint a picture.

Now when you don’t get enough sleep…and aren’t eating the right foods…it’s kind of hard to wake up in the morning. When you run on a really tight schedule in the morning that leaves little room for leeway and when you don’t get up when the alarm first rings…well something’s got to give. That something would be my morning walk.

My morning walks are what gives me energy for my day. When they are absent or shortened…I’m starting a bad cycle. To tip things over the edge…I have the added factor of jaw pain as my wisdom teeth are on the move again. Good gracious…I’m forty-seven years old…when does this stuff stop?
During this time…I’ve had plenty of ideas on what to write about…but not enough energy to carry it out. Then there’s the foggy thinking that accompanies the extreme exhaustion.

So…as the week begun…I decided to make some better choices. Eating better, drinking more water, getting more sleep…eating some iron rich food…and even taking some vitamins too. My goal…by the end of the week is to be feeling better than how I felt at the beginning of the week.

With these changes…prayers from my faithful friends and God’s help…I hope to be feeling better soon.
So…what’s on the writing horizon? Well…Mike Wallace and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…you two are on my horizon. I’m chomping at the bit to take a whack at you on paper Mike. I’m not sure that there are enough words to express how foolish you were and nothing more than a mere pawn in the hands of an evil, sick dictator.

I’d like to deal with the media and their hypocritical stance against Israel as they choose to support terrorist organizations. When you look at their words and actions…and willingness to be so easily duped, into believing lies and being used by terrorists the word anti Semitism come trippingly off my tongue.

And of course…I’m still dealing with a lot of feelings over losses. Recently loss of co-workers and job changes…but also significant anniversaries of the deaths of loved ones. I’m sure that faith and forgiveness will be factoring into these subjects.

Then there will be a labor of love…as I remember my step-father Joe’s birthday. He would have been 92 come August 25th. My sister Denise did a lovely job in remembering her Dad. From the first moment I read it…I thought it was perfect…and it made me cry.

Hope to be blogging right soon.

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