The Tigers Win the Pennant…A Long Time Coming!

These days if you encounter my brother-in-law Pete Silvestri or nephew Scott Silvestri…you’re likely to notice that they are a little more chipper than normal and have a certain swagger to their step. Why?

Not because they had a fun night out with the boys…or because they made a killing in the stock market as it rises in the 12,000 range. No indeed!

Their high is a natural high…that of a devoted and patient fan. Unlike the California fans that turn on their team if they loose a game or don’t make the play-offs…Pete and Scott are the definition of devoted fans.

The Tigers last won the World Series back in 1984…and a lot has happened since that time. Back then Pete was but a young guy…married to his lovely bride Denise and they had one son Scott. Pete didn’t have a gray hair in sight. Scott was but a young boy…and learning the love of sports from his enthusiastic dad.

Today Pete has more than a few gray hairs. But don’t worry Pete…remember guys look “distinguished” as they age. Or so the saying goes. He’s now a father of three boys Scott, Travis and Reed and one daughter Alyssa. He’s also the proud grandpa of two precious girls Liana and Danica. Scott…is now on his way to being an old married man and father of two girls. (Scott…you’d better start saving for those weddings now!)

Pete and Scott are not fair weather fans. So even though it’s been 22 years in the making…they can tell you with absolute confidence that the Tigers are the best team in baseball. If they didn’t win last year…you’d better watch out this year. And this year…just may be their year.

Now first and foremost…I’d pick the Angels to win…my fall back position then defaults to the Red Sox. Now if neither of those teams are in the running…then I have to go with the Detroit Tigers.

Sorry Steve Scanlan…AKA the Audit Man. If the Tigers weren’t in the running I’d be routing for your beloved St. Louis Cardinals. But as it is…I have my loyalties. Not only to the Silvestri clan…but also my very favorite old boss Doug Kuripla. The man’s from Michigan…and remains loyal to his team. You never know…I might work with him again one day and don’t want to rock the boat.

Even though Pete has his faults…like being a Hillary Clinton fan and thinking that she has the best looking legs in Washington DC…I have to side with him on the Tigers winning the World Series. By the way Pete…even Bill may take issue with you on Hillary.

Even with our political disagreements…I’m backing you on this one Pete. Go Tigers! I want them to win in four games straight…a clean sweep.

The Tigers Win the Pennant…The Tigers Win the Pennant! Kind of has a good sound to it doesn’t it?


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