Elections…John Kerry…and All That Jazz

As I put my fingers to the keys this evening…I do so in a very warm southern California. It’s unseasonably warm…even for California…as it’s in the 90’s today the first week in November. I’m ever so envious of my blogger friends back east and even way up north in Canada. I see their beautiful fall scenery and find myself longing for crisp cool evenings and lovely autumn days as we near the holidays.

Okay…okay…okay already so it’s been a while since I’ve posted. You’d think after attending the GodBlogCon I’d be raring to go…and blogging like there’s no tomorrow.

The truth be told…I’m not going through a dry spell so much as I’m on idea overload. Good golly…just think of all the great news stories in the last couple of weeks. And here my blog sits with nary a post for over a week.

Some of those ideas swirling around my head that have yet to make it to the blogasphere include a response to Andrew Sullivan and his outrageous, comical and pathetic interview with Hugh Hewitt (still working on that piece). I want to take a closer look at Andrew’s beliefs that he alleges to be Christian…but in actuality contrast starkly with the Bible.

Of course…who can resist commenting on John Kerry’s assessment of our military…and his accompanying albeit tardy, non apology, apology? In looking up the operational definition in Webster’s online dictionary…I find Kerry’s pathetic attempt at an apology fitting to definition #1…a formal justification. It’s also a perfect illustration of definition #3…a poor substitute.

Apology…as defined by Webster’s:
1 a : a formal justification : DEFENSE : EXCUSE
2 : an admission of error or discourtesy accompanied by an expression of regret a public apology
3 : a poor substitute

John…that was no apology…and because of your lack of sincerity or real contrition you should have just zipped the lip. I would like to be much ruder in my response…but I am mindful that I am a Christian and need to be careful in my response. But I would like to tell you to go pound sand…take long walk off a short pier. Just go sail away into the sunset buckaroo.

But no one had a better response than some members of our military. You go boys!

Lastly…tomorrow is Election Day…2006. The question is…will the House and Senate remain in Republican control? Or will the tide turn towards the destructive influence and actions of the Democratic Party? Just a few months ago…I would have bet that the Republicans would be soundly defeated…and deservedly so. After all the Republicans have had some not so pretty scandals which would seem to lend themselves to the term “hypocrite”.

President Bush…while well intentioned and initially entering into Iraq under the premises that Saddam and company were going down the “yellow cake road” the President has not been willing to step back and reevaluate the next best step in our war on terror. Removal of Saddam a good thing! Democracy in a Muslim country that would prefer Sharia law to liberty is not necessarily the winning ticket.

While I concur with President Bush’s view that the mainstream press is contemptible…I also believe that he owes the American public an explanation. To which he’s been repetitive at best…and silent at worst. I surely hope our President never has to depend upon good salesmanship…because he just doesn’t have the touch. Instead of combating the biased, skewed reporting in the main stream press…with stories of success he just remains silent. What about some of the success stories that resulted out of our surveillance on terrorists? Or how about showing the good things that are happening in Iraq? Why in the world have we not fully exposed the Hussein regime and what he did to his own people?

I’m fully convinced that President Bush figures that he doesn’t need to speak out about all these charges dogging his presidency. That in the end…he believes he will be proved right…and then we will all see. Of course you can bet that the media will continue to jump on everything that he does or says is wrong. But the American people deserve an answer…even when it’s carried through a tainted press. Besides that…you’ve got conservative talk radio to drive that message home.

Even with the above factors…I do believe that they Republicans will stay in power. Hopefully in both the House and Senate. I pray that the base turns out and the undecided or even the Democrats that are security minded will do that which is best for America and not give the Republicans the thrashing they deserve. Why? Because the American public will be the ones that pay the price.

They will pay the price by having a party in place that views terrorism as a crime…and not war. That think the optimal way to deal with the likes of a Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is in the courtroom, not the battlefield. The party that thinks that the “wealthy” should pay more money so that the poor can be taken care of. Only they fail to define what wealthy is. The people who think its right to shove homosexual marriage down the throats of American’s via the judicial system…rather than putting it up for a vote. The Dem’s are smart enough to know they’d loose if they went that route. People that think they know better how to handle your money than to let you handle your own money and be personally responsible.

I think John Kerry is a gift to the Republican Party…one that just keeps on giving. The terrorists that issue statements and commit acts of terrorism right before and election…underestimate and don’t understand the American spirit.

So a message to you my fellow conservatives…and American’s who understand that terrorists are evil and must be destroyed…get out and vote. Hold your nose if you have to. But vote for the people who have a grip and understanding on what true evil is…and aren’t afraid to call evil what it is. Vote for the people who don’t want to see judges legislating from the bench. For those who think if you want to make law…then you need to run for office. Not shove your opinion from the bench…as educated as it is…down the throats of the your fellow countrymen. Let the people decide.

Get out and vote…vote smart…not naive.

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