Most Excellent Post

As I made the rounds visiting some of my favorite bloggers…I discovered a most excellent website. That of Steven Camp at “Camponthis”. Steven wrote a most excellent piece on the execution of Saddam Hussein “The Death of Saddam Hussein…the satisfacton of justice and the sobriety of judgment”. In this article Steven captures the different attributes of God. I do believe I have another website that I need to mark as a favorite.

Below are comments that Steven’s post evoked:

Excellent, excellent, excellent Steve! A perfect blend of the uncompromising holiness, righteousness, justice of God…mixed with his love.

Another quality that we don’t think of in the long list of attributes of God is that of wrath. He is a patient God…and He delays judgment to enable people…give them the time to listen and repent. He is longsuffering…but one day there will be judgment and justice.
That judgment can be abated for those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior…and received His sacrifice on the cross as payment in full for the penalty for their sin.
Or…they can remain stubborn and unrepentant…and reap at a time of God’s choosing the penalty for their sin.
There are several problems with this. 1) We don’t know what that day and hour will be. 2) The consequences that we pay for here on earth…are small in comparison to the eternal, unending punishment that we will receive if we fail to accept the one true, acceptable sacrifice as payment for our sins.
God is just and He will repay those for the evil, unrepentant deeds that they commit. He is a defender of the defenseless.
Yet…His heart doth break at each soul which chooses to go their own way rather than to receive the gift that God paid through the death of His Holy, Righteous, Just, Perfect Son Jesus Christ…our Lord and Savior.
Thank you for your excellent article Steve!
Susan Bunts

(On a side note…I have chosen to only post one picture of Saddam…and that’s because I want to make sure that the victims of his brutal regime don’t get lost in the hoopla of Saddam’s execution. They, and what happened to them at Saddam’s hands, are the reason why he was removed from office, tried, found guilty and executed.)

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