1/3/07 At the End of the Day – Repentance

This evening post could actually qualify for a new website I’m working on called Susan’s God Stops…in which I jot down when I recognize God’s presence in my life…and the message He may be conveying to me at that time.

Today was rich and filled with God Stops for me. Ones that ultimately challenged me, convicted me…and ultimately lead me to repentance. I have ever so hugely failed God in letting doubt and unbelief take hold of my emotions and thoughts with respect to all the changes in my life in the past year.

In so many respects…2006 was a year of great loss and disappointment…impacting my job, my mom, friends, family, physical pain and even my dear pets. It seems like so much of my life was touched.

In the crunch time…when push came to shove…all too often instead of trusting God when answers were not readily apparent…I fell into doubt and unbelief. I doubted that God really cared for me. I believed the lies of Satan.

When I reflect on different aspects of last year…I wonder how different things would have been if I had stood firm in my faith.

When I didn’t understand why I lost the job I loved and the actions of others…I could have trusted God, instead of doubting. Knowing that He had a purpose and plan. Take my hurt to God for His care and healing touch…rather than expect a person to make it all better. Be assured that none of this took Him by surprise. That He is calling me to something new. That He removed me and put a hedge of protection around me and He did not allow me to return for a reason. That I had allowed work to become too important to me. That instead I need to serve God with the same fervor that I served man.

Well today God gave me another insight into why He may have allowed these circumstances to transpire. Would He have revealed it sooner if I had trusted Him? Would I have not needed additional assurance if I had stood firm in my faith? This insight I think I’ll ponder in my heart rather than share it at this time.

Other areas of my life were touched this year as well…including my mom who suffers with Alzheimer’s was hospitalized twice. In the aloneness of that time when my brothers were absent as they have been for several years now…I was overwhelmed and felt resentful towards them. On a drive home one night after leaving the hospital…God mercifully revealed His hand of protection in their absence.

In so many of these circumstances…I would have far better weathered the storms that assailed me…if I had trusted God, His character, work, purpose and plan in my life. On occasion I got it right. For a while I did trust God and didn’t ask why. But when I failed to stand firm and trust God…boy oh boy did I fall.

So God…tonight…I humbly come before you and confess my sin of doubt and unbelief. I confess there are times that I didn’t trust you…or believe that you cared for me. I didn’t look closer to see Your hand in my circumstances…and know that there were bigger things going on.

I thank you that You are a God of second chances and can redeem even my failings and use them for Your Kingdom and glory. I thank You for Your hand of protection upon me and removing that which You determined necessary. I give over to You…a bundle feelings too numerous to mention…and too personal too share with the world. I thank You for giving me insight along the way as to why You allowed the circumstances I encountered. I thank You for the lessons I learned, what it revealed in others and me.

So God…what is it that You would have me to do now? Give me ears to hear I pray. Jesus…thank You for walking each step with me…and carrying me when I fell. PS…Jesus…please stay close by me…I’m quite certain I will fall and once again…and turn to Your precious hand to lift me up.

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