1/6/07 At the End of the Day…Most Blessed

One of the things I treasure most in this world is my church, Kindred Community Church.

Even when we were still a Bible Study… I knew I beheld a treasure and was most grateful to God for bring me to this wonderful place. A place where the Word of God is taught uncompromisingly in a powerful way. God soon grew our Bible study into a Church. One that set out to “Reach the World with the Word”.

I was ever so excited as we ventured out as a church. I remember well our first Sunday in the Elks Club in Santa Ana. After that first Sunday…we had to move to the largest room they had available.

It was through the illness and death of my beloved Pastor Chuck Obremski…that God knit our congregation together with a thread of love. A weave which remains tightly held together with love…but with a loose enough weave that we welcome into our fold those who come to Kindred.

Tonight I heard a story that warmed my heart. Doreen Apple has had the opportunity to share with a family that has become near and dear to her heart. On Christmas Eve, many of the family members came to our Christmas Eve service. God has used Doreen to share His Word with this dear family.

Recently one of the youngest members Joseph was inquiring how Kindred got its name. Doreen explained to Joseph our church’s history. Precious Joseph commented that he wished that he had been there when we first started as a church and he would have named it, “The Church that Loves Jesus”.

When Doreen asked why…he said because everyone he’s met there is in love with Jesus. And indeed we are.

If you live in the Southern California area…I would invite you to come to our Sunday morning church service…which starts at 9 AM. If you would like to hear any of Pastor Chuck’s great preaching of God’s Word…go to Kindred’s website and click on the Audio Ministry page.

Tonight and always…I am most grateful for bringing me to a saving faith in His Son Jesus Christ. I am thankful…that He allowed me to find Kindred…where I am fed the Word of God in the most loving church I know. I am most blessed by God.

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