2/6/07 – At the End of the Day…Exhausted Reflections

Being that this girl is exhausted…and quite ready to drop at the end of two exceptionally busy days…I’d better keep this short and sweet and pray that it is somewhat comprehensible.

The last couple of days have been an intense crunch time…a time where we had to hit the mark and get it right the first time. I came away from this experience with the insight that crunch time reveals a person’s true character.

When you see a person that needs help…will you pause and lend a hand…or walk on by? Will stand behind that which you committed to…or go fishing for an excuse? Will you strive for excellence…or settle for a passing grade? Or worse yet…hope that they just don’t look under the rug? Do the words thank you come easily off your lips to praise and encourage another’s efforts…or do you turn a blind eye?

My dear beloved former Pastor Chuck Obremski…use to say that as a Christian…you’ll know what kind of fruit you are bearing when you are squeezed. What comes out when you are squeezed? While the impetuses may be different for a Christian…non believers also bear fruit.

It’s vitally important for Christians to be ever mindful that their actions will be held under the microscope by atheists and agnostics. They want to see if your life…actions, thoughts, words and deeds line up with that which you purport to believe.

It’s critically important that we be aware of that. May that truth motivate us to work with excellence. Our work and our lives are reflection not only of being a Christian…but of Christ Himself. And when we fail and fall as Christians…the non believer has another reason to note why living the Christian life makes no difference compared to the rest of the world.

When I see a fellow Christian…someone who has a genuine saving faith in Jesus Christ behave in a manner towards others that is blatantly un-Biblical…it pains me. Something that is none of my business…but I see and hear of the lasting impression that is being made.

Dear Christians… It’s vital that we as Christians regularly ask ourselves…do my actions, thoughts, words and deeds reflect Christ? Do I draw people to Christ or repeal them?

In some respects…we Christian’s have it easy. We have the pattern to hold ourselves up to. And when we fall short…it will be readily apparent. Whereas unbelievers…act according to their feelings or heart. The Bible tells us that the heart is deceitfully wicked above all things. I don’t want my heart being the final arbiter of what’s right or wrong. I want a set standard and not one of my own making.

Anyway…I’d better draw this to a close…as my eyes are growing sleepy. Please pardon any spelling errors…or major gaffs…I’ll have to correct them on the flip side.

See you in the morning light!

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