2/28/07 At the End of the Day…A Listening Ear

A few thoughts…observations from the day…with a listening ear towards God.

As I stood in line at El Polo Loco the sight of two guys praying before their meal really stood out. Not something I see at most restaurants…especially with guys. Unless of course it’s a men’s Bible study or prayer group. It was so refreshing…seeing godly men bow their head and give thanks to their Lord on a normal day, in a regular place.

Seeing these men praying got me thinking about prayer. Sometimes I really struggle when it comes to prayer. I struggle with praying regularly…and sometimes with what exactly to pray about. I’m sure to some degree this stems back to the fact when I was growing up…the Bible, prayer and church were not part of my family’s life.

Now as a grown up…it’s an area I find most challenging. In thinking about prayer…it’s talking to God…a conversation. One of talking, listening and sometimes just being together, but silent.

When I know a person really well…talking to them is not a struggle…it comes with ease. When I see them…I desire to sit down and talk or when I think about them…I want to pick up the phone and call. When it’s someone I like and respect…have a relationship with…I don’t have to think about what I’ll talk about or how to phrase things. It comes naturally. When I know someone well…I know what will tickle their fancy or make them laugh…or even get their dander up. It flows…its smooth…its give and take.

It would be ludicrous to think I’m good friends with someone, or know them well, if I don’t talk to them. I’d be fooling myself.

Shouldn’t that be kind of what it’s like with God? The more I know Him, the more I have a personal relationship with Him…won’t my prayer life, my conversation with God become more natural? I’ll desire too talk to Him more and more?

I wonder…do I make that conversation with God too complicated? Am I more concerned about how I say things rather than the actual conversation itself? And how do I get to know God better? Well…this side of heaven I won’t see Him face to face. So to know Him, to know His character, Who He is, what He’s all about is accomplished through the reading of His Word, the Bible and through prayer. The more time I spend with Him, the better I will know Him. The more I know about Him…His character…the more I will be able to trust Him. The more I know and trust God…then I will be better able to take Him at His Word and trust what He says. I’ll believe that He loves me. Whether it’ll be in the Bible or in prayer…or the Holy Spirit bearing witness to my spirit…I’ll want to be in conversation, in relationship with my God.

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