Plagiarism…A Dangerous Trend

When reading Janna’s post at Bread Crumb’s I was reminded about a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Janna addresses the growing trend in Christianity today that encourages Pastors to plagiarize sermons.

I call it the dumbing down of the Gospel message. Inherent in this latest trend is the soft selling of the Gospel. Making it seeker friendly, not wanting to offend people by telling them they are a sinner and bound for hell. But that God has provided the free gift of salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ…that they can be saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

My church continues its quest to find a Sr. Pastor, following the death of our beloved Pastor Chuck Obremski…a Bible believing, no holds barred preaching, teaching, no nonsense kind of Pastor.

It is with fear and trembling that I wait to see whom God has called to be the man who will lead our church in the coming years. However, because our search committee and elders are committed to finding the man whom God has called, I am filled with peace and I’m trusting and waiting on the process and God’s perfect timing.

Since I have been most blessed to sit under some awesome Bible study teachers…I’ve been spoiled. As such…when I hear a sermon without much scripture and one that is shallow and without much substance…I find myself spiritually hungry. Kind of like when you each Chinese food…you are hungry shortly thereafter. These sermons don’t feed my spirit.

Please check out Janna’s post “It Can’t Be Plagiarism, Can It?” and be sure to watch the video on You Tube which raised Janna’s concern over this important and dangerous trend in the church today.

Below are my comments left in response to Janna’s post.

Dear Janna,

I think you hit the nail right on the head. Instead I fear the problem is far greater than the wrong act of plagiarism. Instead I believe to some degree it may stem from Biblical illiteracy. The prepackaged sermons seem rather hollow. It’s sad that a Pastor would depend on a “sermon in a box” rather than invest the time to study and trust the Holy Spirit to lead him, guide him and direct his preaching and teaching.

I’m sure that you as writer have experienced dry spells. Pastors may as well. In part we may see more of this trend because a lot of churches don’t teach book by book through the Bible. Instead they do the topical sermons.

This is an important topic. Your willingness to examine the Christian community from within is very commendable.

I’m always challenged and grow by reading your posts.

Lord bless…Susan

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