4/25/07 At the End of the Day…Supernatural Living

There is something quite powerful when we do good and pray for our enemies. That transformation in our character bears witness to the person of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit working within us.

By prayer…I’m not talking about prayers that God might smite them for their wrongdoing…or bring justice. But instead actually praying for them. There is nothing that will turn your heart around quicker…and strengthen you in difficult situations than praying for your enemies.

Absolutely…first and foremost is praying for their salvation. In doing so…you may take an enemy and end up with a brother or sister in Christ. If they know Christ…but their walk is a little wobbly…and they aren’t exactly displaying the fruits of the spirit…pray that God will draw them close and that their relationship will Christ Jesus will grow deeper and that He will do a tremendous work in their lives.

I’ve experienced first hand the power and work that God does in relationships when we pray for our enemies. Transforming one whom I once despised into a friend. When we care for another by carrying their burdens in prayer to the Lord…we are being transformed. When we are transformed by a work of God in our lives…relationships will be changed.

Who do I dread seeing because I find them difficult, demanding and draining? Who do I avoid seeing or talking to because of an offense that left wounds that are still mending? Do I feel satisfaction…when someone gets their comeuppance?

Whom do I need to pray for today?

I am ever so glad that God didn’t give me the justice I deserved for my wrongdoing. I’m grateful for God’s mercy and grace? How can I extend that to another and whom?

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