What a Difference a Season Makes

Every couple of months I like to stop by the Fullerton Arboretum after church, stroll through the gardens and snap a few photos. One of my favorite views is peering through the trees at a bench that sits along a pathway. My, oh my…what a difference a season makes.

I took the above photo in February. The title that came to mind for this one is “Barely Beautiful”. It’s bare…but the colors are so rich and it’s very beautiful in its own right.

Today…spring flowers greeted me…as I happened upon my favorite scene. This time a gentleman rested on my bench. At first I was disappointed…because I just wanted to capture nature alone. But later when looking at the pictures…I think it capture the scene quite nicely. Perhaps I’m just envious…because he was doing that which I’ve wanted to do for oh, so very long. Rest…rest in the garden.

Because I’m on my way to see my mom…I don’t take that luxury. But one day…that will be me resting. Perhaps even reading a book and sipping on some ice tea as I enjoy the flowers, butterflies and birds…in this little slide of heaven.

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