Rudy the Rookie

While not a tiny little baby anymore Rudy is still a kitten…and learning about the ways of the world. Everyday is adventure for the little feller…and everything is a toy. Whether it be an actual kitty toy that gets lost under the refrigerator…a bottle cap that falls to the ground or an alarm clock that turns on and opens up when he sits on it…nothing escapes Rudy’s attention. Everything is game…in spite of protests by his mom.

Yesterday…was not only a day of adventure…but one that was a little scary for Rudy. You see he has a fascination with water. Doesn’t matter if it’s water in his drinking bowl…or water in the bath tub. Never seen this quirk in a kitty before…but Rudy loves to tap the water in his bowl…causing it to spill out. If it’s a good day…it just spills a little bit. When its time for a bubble bath…I can count on Rudy being right by my side. He loves to sit on the edge and peer in at the bubbles. Sometimes he can’t contain himself…and swipes at the bubbles. So far…he hasn’t fallen in despite some close calls. That is until yesterday.

Now I would have snapped some photos of Mr. Rudy after the shower incident…but because of my state of undress I resisted temptation. Not only does Rudy love bubble baths…but he’s quite fond of showers too. I can count on Rudy being at my side during my morning shower…as he sits on the edge of the tub. Only yesterday…he slipped. It took him a couple of seconds to realize that he was getting wet…as the shock of the water pouring over him finally dawned on him. Soon he realized he was wet and perhaps it wasn’t such a peachy keen idea to be in the bathtub with water touching him…he then jumped out right quick.

Honest and truly I did feel bad for the little feller…despite the laughter I could not restrain. Hey…I couldn’t help it. I was surprised that he let me dry him off with a towel so easily. No protest at all in fact…he was even thankful. If that had been Nathan or Moss…forget about it. Good intentions or not…there’s no way I could have done that with them. But Rudy seemed glad to be assisted in drying off. He has short, fine hair…and he dried quickly.

Well yesterday was Rudy’s day for surprises…because that afternoon he had another one awaiting him. It’s been hot here in southern California In the 90’s…which means it’s time to break out the fans. The fans in my bedroom and living room were keeping things cooled down. Since it was warm…I decided to turn on the ceiling fan in the kitchen as well…while Rudy was taking nap on the kitchen tile.

Since I brought Rudy home at the end of October till present…I hadn’t turned on the ceiling fan…so it was a whole new experience. As I later learned…not one that he appreciated.

While I was cleaning away in the hallway…little Rudy came dashing into the hall with hair raised and hisses coming out of his mouth. I looked to see if perhaps he had gotten into a scuffle with Moss or Nate…but no one was to be found. They were off trying to keep cool on this hot day. Rudy’s eyes were fixed on the ceiling fan as if the devil himself was turning it.

When I was able to get Rudy calmed down…I carried him in to the kitchen to get a better view of the fan. Safely tucked into him mom’s arms I guess it didn’t look so fierce after all. I think we had success when by evenings end…Rudy rested by the door taking in the cool air generated by the ceiling fan.

Everyday is an adventure for Rudy…and he usually generates a few laughs along the way. Daily…I’m ever so thankful that I brought him home that day I first saw him at Pet Smart…he’s been a true blessing indeed.

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