GOP…Perhaps It’s…

Perhaps it’s because I’m tired of being screamed at while stopped at a signal waiting for the light to turn green…called every name in the book by some peacenik that purports to want peace…but ain’t exactly giving an effective testimony.

Perhaps it’s because I don’t understand why President Bush has supported a failed amnesty bill that would only serve to make matters worse, nor does it contain any realistic way address or correct the issues connected with illegal immigration.

Perhaps it’s because President Bush is about as far away from being a great communicator that Reagan was…and still speak the English language.

Perhaps its Bush’s resolute silence and failure to speak loudly and resoundingly of our successes in Iraq. Seemingly sitting there in silence with a confidence that one day…he will be proved right about Iraq and then the whole world will know…all the while his supporters regularly get verbally attacked. They are trying to fight the good fight…while President Bush remains silent. There are times…I feel like Charlie Brown…and President Bush is Lucy yanking the football just as I go to kick it. What worked 40 or 50 years ago, doesn’t work today’s fast paced, media savvy world. A lie undisputed is believed and must, truly must be refuted with the truth.

Or perhaps it’s because President Bush can’t seem to get 700 plus miles of fence built…as promised…in a country that put man on the moon almost 40 years ago. Or can’t follow the lead of then Governor Pete Wilson who said damn the torpedoes…full speed ahead as he successfully had the 10 Freeway overpass rebuilt following it’s destruction in 1994’s earthquake. Perhaps we need to put Pete in charge of building the fence. What our President and Senators fail to take into account…is not so much the cost of building the fence…but the cost that increases exponentially every day that we delay. Costs that will only continue to mount in the future.

Whatever that “perhaps” is that’s tipped the scale…it’s what caused me to remove the Bush Cheney 2004 bumper stickers from my car. It’s the same thing that caused me to delight in not only declaring “No…I would not send the Republican National Committee or the National Republican Senators Committee” any money…when they called for support to stand up against the Democrats. It’s the reason why I got into a debate with some kid doing fund raising for the NRSC…and was grateful when he finally understood that well was dry. No amount of pressure or persuasion was going to make a difference. The answer was “No” and this girl was sticking to it and my “No” would be respected.

It’s funny because I remember a day…when I was bummed out when I was in a car accident few years back. Not because of the accident…but because my back bumper would no longer hold the original 2000 Bush bumper sticker. It’s ironic…because I know of the successes we are having in Iraq because I’m plugged into some of the most respected and responsible conservative talk radio…with the likes of Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt.

I consider myself pretty realistic…and while I hate the idea of people cutting in line and getting away with wrong doing…I do understand that we will likely have some form of amnesty for the illegal aliens from south of the boarder. Make no mistake…cutting in line and being rewarded for it is wrong. Pushing your way in front of people who want to come to this country…but do so legally and respect our laws and sovereignty…just ain’t right.

But until such time that we stop the flow of illegal immigrants coming into the country…we can’t even debate what will be done with those already here. Amnesty without enforcement? How is it that I understand the importance of building the fence…when it seems to eludes the understanding of our President and conservative Republican Senators? What about employer sanctions for those who hire illegal aliens? There isn’t an abundance of people who come to this country illegally who want to be US citizens…instead they are coming for the financial benefits.

Can you tell me why the likes of Trent Lott wants to resort to the 20 year old liberal policy of the “Fairness Doctrine”…just because his constituents hold his feet to the fire when he’s going down the wrong road in supporting a ridiculous amnesty bill. “Trent…would you like any cheese with that whine?” Trent I think you’ve lost touch with who your supporters are…you are biting the proverbial hand that feeds you.

What in the world is happening to the conservative party of mine? Just who the heck am I going to be supporting come election time? Well it ain’t going to be the “liberal”, “progressive”, Democratic Party…even though Ted Kennedy and John McCain seem to be getting along swimmingly.

I ain’t voting for some person who supports abortion rights of the women, conception to up to the point of delivery. The person who thinks it’s okay to stab a baby that’s still in the womb…in the head and suck out their brains. That a baby in the womb is only valuable and deserves life if it’s mother deems it so. I ain’t supporting a person who thinks that murderers ought to live out their natural lives in jail…when their innocent victims lay in their grave. Or worse yet…think that murderers and pedophiles can be released from prison after some therapy “cures them” and after they’ve paid their debt to society. Just how is it that you pay for murdering someone? How can you ever repay society for having sex with countless children just for your sick perverted satisfaction? Or those that think teenage girls should be able to have abortions without their parent’s knowledge and consent? But by golly…if you take an Advil while at school…consider yourself signed up for detention and education on drug use. You know the ones I mean…the same ones that won’t let your daughter have an aspirin for cramps while she’s at school…but will protest and give their support of her right to light up a joint.

We live in a pretty mixed up world….one that is entirely upside down.

But like I told the poor guy that called for Republican fund raising…I’d rather the conservative Republicans fight with all they’ve got and do the right thing and loose then to give in and knuckle under like wimps. It’s pathetic. I now belong to the pathetic party…thats lost it’s way.

What party it will be voting with next election? What candidate? I haven’t a clue. But I’ll tell you this…it won’t be persons who hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” with Ted Kennedy.

I use to belong to the Grand Old Party…now I belong to the Gutless Old Party. Or as Dennis Prager refers to it…the Stupid Party. If things keep going that way…I won’t be part of the GOP at all.

Soon it will be “Hasta la bye, bye as I mark my ballot for persons and a party that represents my values and those who uphold the Constitution and laws of this great nation…the United States of America…the greatest country on God’s green earth (to borrow a quote from Michael Medved).

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