Sunshine and Shadows

In the quite of the day I rise,
Only to face those who come against me,
Armed with lies and deceit.

The darkness of my trials threatens to overtake me,
Then I look up and feel a ray of sun upon my face,
Bathing in the warmth…I’m reminded of Your love and faithfulness to me.

As the enemy whispers messages of defeat and destruction,
I hold fast to the One who enables me,
To be steadfast and immovable through the power of the Holy Spirit within.

Dedicated to you…

by Susan Bunts
October 2, 2007

This morning God laid upon my heart someone facing a heavy burden and trial. As I walked into work…I closed my eyes and felt the warmth of the sun upon my face…reminding me of God’s love which chases the darkness and shadows away. When darkness threatens overtake him…it is my prayer that God will remind this precious man of His love and care for him. May he be confident in his Saviors ability to bring him through each trial and tribulation he faces.

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