I Wonder…Just Who Was This Child?

As we study the book of Matthew in Bible Study Fellowship I find myself reading familiar passages with a fresh eye and desire to better know my God and my Savior Christ Jesus. This last week…we read about how the Magi followed the star to Jerusalem seeking to find the one who was born “King of the Jews”. After receiving direction from Herod the Magi headed to Bethlehem.

There they found the Christ child…no longer an infant…but perhaps around two years old. As I read the well known passage…my imagination was sparked…and I wondered what it would have been like. What was Jesus…the two year old like? How did He receive them?

Was he a curious child and friendly? When these strangers from strange land came…as Mary opened the door…did Jesus run into the arms of these visitors from afar? Did he have a strange affection for persons He had never met? Did He want to sit in their laps…as they brought forth the gifts for the Christ Child? Did He touch the gifts and smile? Did He say thank you? Did He hug them…and wipe the tears from their eyes? Tears shed in overwhelming joy.

Or was He quite and reserved…maybe a little shy? Standing in the background…in the shadows of the kitchen as His mother and father received these visitors?

How long did the Magi stay? Did they tell of their adventure…and how God had directed and guided them? Did they have meal together with Joseph, Mary and Jesus? Did Jesus…the precious one pray as only a two year old can do? Did He exhibit and intimacy with the Creator…even as a young child…that we all long for?

Did the Magi have a lump in their throat? You know the one I mean…when you have an overwhelming feeling of the presence of God in your midst. How were these men changed? How did they live out their lives following an encounter of God in the flesh? Did they have a premonition…a sadness at the pain and suffer this child would endure 31 years later when he would be despised, rejected and hang on the cross? Did they weep when they had to leave…and long to return one day? What testimony did they take home to their families? Did any of them…name their own child Jesus following this encounter to be remembered? Did they write it down…who did they tell it to?

Did Mary and Joseph have child on the way by then? Was Mary expecting…and telling Jesus that one day soon He would have a little brother or sister? How did Jesus react when He first beheld and touched that little brother or sister? One whom He the Creator had made…knit together in His mother’s womb. One whom He had planned for and knew before the foundation of this world…in His Deity. One that He knew would be bound for hell if they remained in their sins. Were His brothers and sisters faces etched in His mind as He closed His eyes while He hung on the cross? He knew the only way they would be saved was through His sacrifice on the cross. While nails could not hold Him…the love that He had kept Him there.

Did he like to hear bedtime stories? Did fall fast asleep…or stay up into the wee hours of the morn? When His family and friends hurt His feelings…was Jesus quick to forgive…and never bring up the offense again? Did He like to cook…and help mom in the kitchen? Did His brothers and sisters tease Jesus…about being a goodie two shoes…and wonder why He never got in trouble? Did He offer then wise counsel on how to avoid the error of their ways? Did they listen or just dismiss Him as being Mary’s favorite? Did Jesus have a lot of friends…or just a close few? When He talked…did people hang upon His every word? Did Jesus walk around talking to Himself and His Heavenly Father? Did people make comments to Mary…that her boy sure talked to Himself a lot? When He prayed…did people long to have Jesus offer a prayer on their behalf? When He touched them…or reached out and held their hand…did people have a jolt…a recognition that this was no ordinary man?

When Joseph died…was Jesus there to hold his hand? Did He place a kiss upon his forehead and assure him that one day soon…He’d see him in heaven? What words did Jesus speak to comfort His mother Mary at the time of her loss?

Mmmm…I wonder…what was He like?

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