Encore, Encore

I have an encore performance from the honorable Mike Paddison. Mike first made his debut acting as defense attorney for my kitty Rudy. Rudy had been caught in the act of absconding with Christmas tree ornaments. He was entirely unrepentant and continued in his wayward actions. Mike successfully cast aspersions on the camera operator…namely me…and all charges were dropped on little Rudy’s pending case. Since Christmas has concluded…you will be pleased to know that Rudy has not swiped any more ornaments.

Mike wears many hats…husband…father…friend…CBS Core Leader…audio ministry CD guy…chief trouble maker and more. Mike has skills I recently discovered out of the blue. Mr. Paddison…likes to stay up late working on the computer. That’s usually about the time I’m finishing up an article. No matter how many times I proof something…a boo, boo or two will slip through. But now I have the unofficial editor of Susan’s Blog. When I’m finishing up an article…I’ll check to see if the night owl is up. If he is…I shoot him over an article for proofing.

Last night I did that…and my editor had closed shop for the day. But this afternoon he got back to me with corrections and a recommendation. Mike was concerned that on most recent piece, “Costly Sin”, that I left the impression that I am currently engaged in a sinful lifestyle…as I outlined the perils and cost of sin in a Christian’s life.

I did make some changes per Mike’s recommendation…but find that when I write…it’s more effective when I personalize it. When I observe a friend, co-worker or family member’s life, behavior or words…that sparks an idea for an article…I try to personalize it. It’s all too easy for me to write articles that are “you” focused.

I can write: “Christian friend…when you are walking in sin you are saying Jesus Christ saves you…but can’t deliver you from your sins.”

Or I can say: “When I’m walking in sin…I’m saying Jesus Christ saves me…but can’t deliver me from my sins.”

It’s probably a matter of style…but I think…and it’s my prayer that people hear things more easily when I don’t point my finger I their face…and say “you”. It’s also important that I apply the lessons I see in other people’s lives. I don’t need to make the same mistakes to learn from them.

So while I’m not actively living in a sinful lifestyle…may I be ever mindful…there but for the grace of God, there go I.

Below are some comments from Mike Paddison that I found quite compelling. Thank you Mike…for taking on the unofficial role of editor. I am most grateful. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

“You don’t do any of those things as a pattern of your life style. You, or any of us, may not be the most perfect witnesses. We may not tell everyone we meet about Jesus. In fact, we may not even tell those who we see all the time about Jesus. But, like Philip De Courcy said today, we do have to live it in front of them. We are called to STUDY God’s Word, LIVE God’s Word, and then TEACH God’s Word. So, how do we, those of us who are not pastors, teach God’s Word. We do it by how we live our lives. There’s that old saying, “Be a witness for Christ, and if necessary, use words.” Live it in front of the world, and if God opens up the opportunity to talk to someone about Him.”

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