Stingy Grace

How do you respond to someone,
Who is unforgiving…stingy with their grace?

What do you say to someone,
Who refuses to acknowledge their own sin?

At what point to you give up,
Walk away, and never look back?

They can not give,
What they have never received, can they?

What does my Savior require,
When forgiveness is rejected, set aside, torn asunder?

Forgive again…
Will you dare to be generous with your grace?

February 28, 2008
Susan Bunts

What do you do when you reach out with olive branch…only to have that branch broken and returned you?

I could tell that God has been working on me. His transforming power was evident in my response. After the tears had stopped…and I realized my heart would live to see another day…and dare to even love again…I knew what I had to do. As clear as God’s leading was to reach out initially…His leading now was to forgive the offense immediately.

“But God…he was stingy with his grace…he was hard hearted…unkind and uncaring. You want me to forgive that?”

Well…I should have known better than to ask God that question. The answer was a resounding, “Yes! Susan…he can not give…that which he has not received. You know My grace…you know My forgiveness. I forgave you Susan…when you were still dead in your sin. But it wasn’t until you received My forgiveness…offered to you though My grace…that you were able to forgive. Susan, I bind up brokenhearted and heal bruised and battered lives…I will care for you. But you must obey Me. Forgive! Today…right now…without delay. Be generous with your grace Susan…be generous as I am with you.”

“Okay God…I forgive!”

“Atta-girl Susan…you keep obeying and following Me. Now you might want to even be praying for him. What do you think?”

“Yes Lord.”

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