Privileged to Serve

This evening I was reminded at what a privilege it is to serve in the body Christ. That it is His church…and His alone. He calls us…from death to life…and then allows us to participate as we minister to the body of Christ and share the Gospel message with an unsaved world.

There is nothing good in me…and nothing deserving of that salvation. Nor can I bring anything to the table other than what He has equipped me to do.

I ought never to take granted that it is a privilege…and a calling. I shouldn’t get too comfortable or set in my ways…assuming that I will always be doing what He has called me to do. Those marching orders may change…in a moments notice. While it might take me by surprise…it doesn’t take the Lord by surprise…for He knows all. Its part of His predetermined will, purpose and plan.

It’s a reminder that wherever I serve…I must rely upon Him. For His strength, guidance and direction. I’m must be in daily prayer…relying upon Him. I must continue to grow in the knowledge of Him…through the reading of His word.

That I must be consecrated to serve. I serve a holy and righteous God. That He requires His servants to be holy and consecrated unto Him. If I choose to sin…and disobey God…I will loose that privilege of serving Him where He has called me.

I should regularly ask myself…as I serve, am I giving out His message in keeping with the Word of God…uncompromised? Or am I bringing my agenda to the table and perverting what He would have me to do and say?

It’s so easy to take things for granted…and be set in my ways. But God…doesn’t allow for that.

It’s important that I be mindful that God must be first and preeminent in my life. That while I may be grateful to work with fellow Christians in serving God…that I must never put my dependence and security in them.

Lastly…that God is not dependent upon my service. That anytime, any place He can call another and raise them up to serve and take my place.

Thank You for saving me Jesus…and giving me the most wonderful church family I could imagine at Kindred Community Church. That You Jesus…for allowing me to serve You and the body of Christ. I am most grateful. To the team I serve with…thank you…and I love you. You are the best…I am humbled and grateful to serve with you.

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