Dennis Prager…Pre Roast Jitters

The above clip was taken at Dennis Prager’s 25th Gala Anniversary event held at the Nixon Library on April 3, 2008.

Since I’ve been a Dennis Prager fan for most of those 25 years…I figured I’d splurge and get the premier tickets. The thought of possibly meeting Dennis was too much to turn down. Besides that…there would be others there whom I admire and listen to on conservative talk radio. A few times I was close to shaking Dennis’ hand…but there were too many people to push my way through.

I was very excited to meet Dennis’ parents Max and Hilda Prager…who have been married for 68 years. Max is 89 years old…and looks like he’s in his sixties. Hilda is 88 years old and is drop dead gorgeous. She reminded me of Sarah in Genesis who even in her old age was very beautiful.

Max…what a cutie he is…and real flirt. I so enjoyed talking to him. I told him how much I loved his son and his work and how blessed by God he and Hilda are. Max agreed. We talked a little bit about his writing. Max is in the process of writing his memoirs. He said he’s writing it for his family…and if they choose to publish it…so be it. You can view is memoirs in progress on Max Prager’s Attitude & Gratitude.

I was unexpectedly taken aback by Max. He was talking about how wonderful his marriage has been with Hilda. They are very much in love even to this day. Max said that before they got married, Hilda told him, “Max, if we ever get married, I promise you will be number one in my life.”

Wow…to a single, modern American woman…that is a foreign concept. Putting your husband first…making him number one. Please! But before I could utter a word…Max said that promise and commitment by his wife was a huge part of why their marriage has been so wonderfully successful…68 years later.

I walked away…having another lesson in the lies and failures of feminism. Feminism…would have me believe that I should put myself first. Not a man…and certainly not put my husband over my own needs, wants and desires. But indeed when a woman does that…hopefully it pay dividends of a successful and loving marriage to a man who is equally committed to his wife.

That advice was very timely…as I’m currently dating a very godly man with whom I find myself deeply in love with. Because of his character and commitment to God…I could easily commit, that after God, I would make him number one in my life. Thanks Max…if indeed this is the man I will one day marry…I will put to use one of the keys to a successful marriage.

I was also very excited to meet Allen Estrin and give him a big hug and offered my thanks for an excellent program. I told Allen how much I like the honey journal that he is keeping on the Dennis Prager Blog. Allen has a very dry sense of humor…so I especially enjoyed his part of the roast.

All in all…it was a great night…and I was so glad that I went. Twenty-five years is a long time…and Dennis Prager has been a big influence on my life…especially regarding conservative politics and my understanding on the differences between men and women. It was worth it to get the premier tickets.

The clip below is from Allen Estrin’s roast. Dennis will frequently turn to Allen during his show and say, “Allen, write that down.” It’s almost a daily thing. So it was with great joy that Allen turned the tables on Dennis.

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