Concurrently Providential

When I see you,
I can perfectly see God’s presence in my life.

His mercy and grace,
Poured out in abundance to one so undeserving.

His sovereign plan,
That brought us together…in His perfect timing.

How He spent a lifetime,
Fitting us and forming two broken pieces for one another.

Yet…He left surprises,
In which we can delight and discover as we grow together.

I see His providence,
Because He went before me and prepared me for you.

I can testify to His concurrence,
As He worked a “good bad” in order to bring me to you.

Before you…He brought men into my life,
That made me desire…even long for a good man who loves the Lord.

Yet…He has given even more,
Deep blue eyes and warm smile…that melt my heart.

Chris…until “That Day”…and beyond,
May He continually, concurrently, providentially work His sovereign plan in us!

By Susan Bunts
May 21, 2008

Dedicated to Chris…the one I love

This poem was inspired by a sermon by Pastor Philip De Courcy that taught us about the sovereignty of God through His providence and concurrence in our lives. That sermon was providentially timed and has caused me to reflect and appreciate even more what God is doing in Chris and my life…and in our relationship.

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