“So, what are you doing on Saturday?”

“So, what are you doing on Saturday?”, Chris asked.

Trust me…if I had known what was following that question…I’d have wrapped up my answer right quick and said, “Not much, why…what did you want to do?”

But instead I was blissfully ignorant as to what Chris wanted to do. So I droned on and on that I needed to go to Washington Mutual to take proof that my mother had died…and get their help wrapping up her affairs. While it’s been one month since she died…there are still a lot of details to work out.

But Chris waited patiently until I stopped talking. I’m not even sure what happened next…if I asked him what he wanted to do…or if he just said it. I guess I should have suspected something because this was the second day in a row that Chris asked about Saturday.

Chris volunteered, “Well…I had something in mind that I’d like us to do.”

I’m thinking maybe it’s the hot air balloon ride that he talked about recently. Maybe he’s made arrangements for us to go out to celebrate our third month anniversary. Three months…but I keep looking at the calendar and I’m certain…it must be three years…or has it been ten or twenty years? Surely we can’t have only known each other for only three months now could we?

“I’d like for us to go shopping for an engagement ring.” When Chris saw the quizzical look on my face…he realized he needed to explain further. “Susan Harriett Bunts, will you be my bride?”

Holy smokes…this is something I’ve been waiting for, for my entire life. Something I’ve dreamed about…but never really let myself believe would happen…just in case God had a different plan. But those words had actually been spoken…and not on some movie screen…and it wasn’t someone recounting their wonderful engagement story. But instead Chris Wachtel was actually proposing to me! Holy Mackanole!!! Imagine that. Wow God…You truly are the best Matchmaker. Wow!

I’m sure my jaw dropped open and just plain stayed there. That is in between the “Wows” and the “Are you’re serious?” Finally when I realized…that Chris wasn’t just yanking my chain…I figured that I’d better seal the deal with an emphatic, “Yes”! “Yes Chris, I’d love to marry you. I love you so much!”

I’m not sure how many times I said “Wow” or how many times I asked if Chris if he was serious before I realized…this is the real deal. This man…whom I have come to love so deeply in so short a time…has actually asked me to marry him. And I said, “Yes!”

I cautioned Chris that this is going to be for life…till death do us part. He’s got two options to get out of our marriage…death or the rapture. I feel like I’ve won the lottery…got the grand prize. I reminded Chris that my flaws far out weigh any good attributes…but that didn’t seem to act as a deterrent. Instead he felt the same certitude that I do about him. This is the right thing and the right time.

We are so excited to see what God is going to do in and through us. We both want to have God at the center of our relationship and use it to bring Him praise, glory and honor.

Chris and I are very much aware of what a miracle God has already done in bringing us together. Two broken people…so unworthy. Unworthy of God, His salvation and unworthy of each other and the love we have for one another. But we serve a big God. One who is bigger still. Our problems, flaws, hurts, pain and the baggage that we will both bring to our marriage…are out shadowed by our God.

To the many people who I shamelessly and repeatedly asked to pray that God would bring me a husband…I thank you. You are many…because while I was ready to accept God’s will…I didn’t want to get to heaven only to find out that I didn’t have it because I didn’t ask for it.

To Michael Paddison…the man that God used to bring Chris and me together…we are eternally grateful. Thank goodness that you had eyes to see that which we could not see. You were right.

While we don’t have a date set yet…and the details we will need to work out are plentiful…I don’t want to miss the marriage because of the engagement period or wedding. I am so looking forward to our marriage Chris and the road we will take to get there…and the path God will lead us on.

Chris…you are the love of my life. I don’t want to miss one day without you.

Thank You Jesus!

Fiancée, engaged, married, wedding, wife…those are some words I never expected to hear associated with me. Thank you Chris for making my life long dream come true. I’m glad that dream is coming true with you.

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