The Battle


From the seemingly endless attacks


On every side

“No more!”

I cry out

I want to give up

Step aside

Take a break

For just a little while

What’s that?

Is that a snicker I hear?


Job well done!”


She’s let down her shield again

We’ll win

If she comes to the battle alone

Victory is ours

If she comes unarmed and unprepared

The battle is on

Let’s turn up the heat

Be subtle

Lest she’ll turn to her God again

Oh no…she’s on bended knee

Pleading with her Lord for strength

She beseeches Him

To guard her heart and mind in Christ Jesus

She remembers

He will never leave nor forsake her

She asks for wisdom

For God to guide her every step

If the battle remains between us

The victory is ours

If she enlists the help of her God

All is lost

Susan Bunts

August 10, 2008

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