I See Dead People

I see dead people

Those who are spiritually dead to God…but alive to sin

Standing on the street corner waving signs

I see dead people

With darkened minds proclaiming right

That which God has declared sinful

I see dead people

Promoting sinful behavior

In the name of tolerance

I see dead people

Seeking the approval of man

For that which God will one day judge

I see dead people

Those who have exchanged the truth of God

And have believed the lies of Satan

I see dead people

Those who have darkened, foolish hearts

Proclaiming themselves to be wise

I see dead people

Proud, arrogant, angry and hateful

Shouting “intolerant” to those who choose to follow God’s way

Susan Bunts Wachtel

October 26, 2008

This poem is dedicated to those who are promoting a yes vote on Proposition 8 in California. Those who desire to protect marriage between one man and one woman.

I have been amazed at the number of protesters my husband Chris and I have seen on street corners over the last few days. The vast majority of protesters are against Proposition 8 in California which seeks to protect marriage as being between one man and one woman.

The protesters are so loud and angry. All too often the protesters are young or women…desiring to make sure that society approves of and makes people feel better in their behavior…even if the Bible declares it wrong or sinful.

Professing themselves to be wise…they became foolish!

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