Will You Shed a Tear

Will you shed a tear tonight

When news of my untimely death

Reaches your ear

Will you thank God

For His mercy that called me home

And brought an end to my earthly suffering

Will you say, “I forgive”

For my life less than perfect

That may have caused my dearest friend pain

Will you stop rejecting my God and Savior

For the sins of His follower

Embrace Christ…and choose to believe Him

Will you rejoice tonight

That there is forgiveness

For all those who call upon Jesus to be saved

Will you celebrate

That tonight I stand before my Lord

Clothed in the righteousness of Christ

Will you join with me

Loudly proclaim that in heaven and on earth

That salvation is found in no other name

Will you praise God for His mercy

Flowing abundant and free

Available to this one so undeserving

Will you trust Him for His grace

Like manna from heaven

Enough given for each day

Will you ask Him

For His peace

To fill your heart and mind in Christ Jesus

Will you depend upon Him

For His Strength to uphold and sustain you

Through even the unimaginable

Will you receive

The forgiveness I uttered

When you turned your back on me

Will you realize

That all we had between us and against us

Amount to nothing in light of eternity

Susan Bunts Wachtel

November 13, 3008

May I have the wisdom to know that all those differences and grievances between us this side of heaven…mean nothing in eternity. That if I choose to hold on to the hurts…in my pride reject the one who hurt me…that I will live to regret it. Maybe not now…but for sure in eternity. May I realize that unforgiveness and bitterness only serve to imprison me. May I rejoice when God blesses and shows His mercy and grace to one that I once considered my enemy. May I have the humility and grace to lift even my enemy in prayer for God’s blessings upon their life. Thank you God…for the important reminder of living this life in light of eternity.

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