Am I more repulsed by the idea of the animal sacrifice in the Old Testament than I am sickened by my own sin which necessitated the shedding of blood to cover my sin?

If I knew the true cost of my sin…would I still choose to go my own way and sin against God and man?

Do I recognize the cost of sin…but choose to turn away and pretend like I don’t see?

Do I esteem the opinions of others over what God says in His word?

Do I care more about my now…than eternity?

Am I living for today…with precious little thought of how it will effect my eternal future?

Do I have a low estimation of God and His absolute holiness and righteousness?

Do I over estimate my own goodness?

Do I question God’s presence in my circumstances?

Will I turn to God in the midst of my suffering?

Will I allow Him to draw me near and comfort me even when I don’t understand why He has permitted my suffering?

If I recognized that I continuously dwell in the presence of holy, righteous, omnipotent God…how would it change me? How would affect what I do and say…my thoughts and emotions?

If I recognized the absolute authority of God…would I be quick to obey and submit myself to His plan?

If I was truly motivated and moved by love for my Savior how would that change what I do?

What if love was my motive…not what I would gain in the here and now…or in eternity?

What if I loved Jesus more…would I want to be more like Him? Would I want to please the one I loved most?

If I were to think of dying today…is there anything that I wouldn’t want to have exposed…laid bare?

If I really believed that eternity was forever…would I share the Gospel message more? Would I feel desperate for my loved ones to not enter eternity without Christ?

Would I worry less about offending the relative who has gone down the wrong path and chosen to believe in nonsense or a different Jesus?

If I knew that my family or friends will spend eternity in hell…asking why I never shared the truth that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior…would I share the truth of the Gospel? Would I tell them that no one comes unto the Father except through Him?

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