Letting Go

So much of life
Is learning to let go

Letting go of people
Who will leave long before I’m ready to say goodbye

Letting go of expectations
Of how I think someone should act

Letting go of my will
Accepting God’s will for my life

Letting go of a dream
Without letting go of hope

Letting go of sorrows
Putting my hope and trust in God

Letting go of my way
Choosing to put others first

Letting go of my sin
Remembering I am dead to sin and alive to Christ

Letting go of bitterness and hurt
Applying the healing balm of forgiveness

Letting go of envy
Filled with gratitude for what the Lord has given me

Letting go of hatred
Walking in love

Letting go of the past
Living in the present

Letting go of taking the easy way
Willing to endure for that which is of eternal value

Letting go of fear
Taking courage in the Lord’s presence

Letting go of failure
Believing that God will redeem my past

Letting go demands for deliverance on my schedule
Instead praying for the grace to endure

Letting go of faithlessness
Asking and believing God for the impossible

Letting go of my timetable
Trusting God and His perfecting timing

Letting go of “Why God?”
Asking “What will You do through this Lord?”

Susan Bunts Wachtel
January 27, 2009

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